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Accounts being suspended over appropriate names

  • Drammanoth
    You know guys, there is another level to all that banning.

    If you name you character Ggarrosh, Grommmash, Arrthass, Abenoor Tharrn, Lyrics Titanborne, Eyerenn, Yo-run, M-rick it's less about ToS violation - it shows that
    YOU LACK CREATIVITY and you just play to waste your time, instead of doing something more productive, creative.
    Yes, all of us have some ideas, yet here it's not about 'RP' but more about showing you are a part of this world.
    Edited by Drammanoth on June 22, 2022 12:04AM
    "Practise gratitude, even for the petty things." Thus, thank you ZOS for:
    --a great Elder Scrolls game
    --a wonderful plot
    --housing - a way to show one's interior design skills
    --the Sticker Book
    --curated item set drops aka. anti-RNG
    --antiquities - styles, furniture, cosmetics, a mount
    --dragons, vampires, werewolves!
    --some fantastic NPC characters

    What I am still waiting for:
    --1)Chapter: Akavir
    ->for Winged Twilight - perch animation (cf. Irrai, Azura's Winged Twilight)
    <>Monk - yes, a new class
    >>1h and spell
    --3)CP 2.0
    --development of the CP 2.0 Craft tree
    --increase the number of slots in houses from 350 to... at least 700, and 1400 with ESO+
    --restoring Indriks - DONE
    --Maintenance in days different than the end of an event - DONE
  • ZOS_GregoryV
    Greetings all,

    As stated in the previous post:
    Lastly, many of the comments are referencing example or a specific scenario. So for those with specific examples and questions related to different scenarios, we are going to close this thread down and advise that you send those examples in a ticket to customer service.
    As this thread has a decent amount of posts Discussing Disciplinary Actions, we have decided it best to close the thread, as those being discussed, are topics that should be discussed with our Customer Support team.

    As a reminder in regards to Discussing Dispensary Actions:
    • Discussing Disciplinary Actions: If you ever have questions or concerns about a disciplinary action or decision we have made on the ESO forums, or wish to appeal a forum warning or infraction you’ve received, we ask that you please contact to do so (please specify that you are contacting about a forum-related inquiry or appeal). We are happy to discuss and review specific moderation-related actions with you, but we do not allow discussion of any moderation actions or decisions on our forums. If you have questions or concerns about an in-game disciplinary action, please contact to ask about a suspension or ban, and any other support-related feedback. We cannot assist with in-game violations on the forums.
    If there are any questions in regards to the rules, please take a few moments to review them here.

    Thank you for your understanding,
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