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Companions - Your first impression on our new friends

So, I started showing Basti the world and I think he finds it exciting.


Have you already started your adventure, what is your first impression?
  • tohopka_eso
    So, reading the patch notes. Rapport sounds like influence from SW:Tor with the companion there. Higher you get it the more they like you and give quests. Am I correct?
  • TX12001rwb17_ESO
    Bastian looks like Mario
  • Altaire
    Do companions get in you way like combat pets?
  • xv1_me
    I like the idea. Still working out the kinks but it’s something new for us so that is good.

    My companion stands in red but I guess that’s par for the course in eso :)
  • fiender66
    Altaire wrote: »
    Do companions get in you way like combat pets?

    Definitely they do
  • Everstorm
    Can white jewelry for companions be bought or is jewelry drop only?
  • Vhale
    Do quest NPCs react to companions? IE dialog changes?
    I really hate pets getting under my cursor, so unless there's furnishing rewards I am not compelled to use them. I wouldn't mind a pocket healer for some DLC WBs. But if they get offended by petty larceny we are parting ways forever.
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  • MasterWarrior
    First impression,

    Bastion is the easier quest,
    Both are good quests and didn't take too long,
    I have not found any companion gear, but I need to play more though. On a break currently right now.
  • Lugaldu
    Selminus wrote: »
    Lack of head armor is a serious immersion flaw with no valid reasoning considering they have names and bodies and stuff

    An unforgettable moment today right in the first 2 minutes in front of Leyawiin - I wanted to go on my way to do Bastian's quests and who do I see with someone else right next to me? Basti in all its grandeur!

  • Nestor
    So, reading the patch notes. Rapport sounds like influence from SW:Tor with the companion there. Higher you get it the more they like you and give quests. Am I correct?

    The more Rapport you have, then you can have them as a House Guest.

    IDK if there are other reasons, but that seems to be the big one.

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  • phileunderx2
    In game pad mode murri was always in the way when I was trying to jump on or over things. Press a to jump talk to murri instead. Very annoying.
  • ADarklore
    Given I've run public dungeons and dolmens, I haven't had either companion die AT ALL. Perhaps public dungeons aren't considered difficult content, but in either case, they didn't die... so I'm quite pleased with them. However, I would seriously like ZOS to change their threat level, they should not be pulling enemies from me when I'm hitting with tons of damage and they are not.
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  • SammyKhajit
    Orion_89 wrote: »
    Mirri is a perfect party as far as I farm resources almost every day. She really likes that I harvest nodes. Also when I did the antiquitie digging our rapport had grown up. She is nice but sadly I saw bunch of her copies at dolmens.

    ZOS, I'm seriously asking: give us an option to cover their heads and/or change their hairstyles!

    They both have a thing for resource nodes.

    And yes, it is a bit disconcerting to see the companions everywhere.
  • kargen27
    I start new content with fishing so the players that want to speed through everything will have thinned out some as I try to take my time through content. Mirri likes to try and stand so I talk to her instead of cast a line. Usually taking two steps to the left helps.
    Sometimes purple is just a color.
  • Eccentric_Vampire
    I don't have much to go off other than pictures but neither of them really appeal to me. I hope they add more companions in the future, I really want a mage or scholar companion.
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