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Official Discussion Thread for "Blackwood Preview—The Zone

This is the official discussion thread for the blog article "Blackwood Preview—The Zone"

When exploring the new zone in The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood, you will discover a world caught between two worlds. Learn about this diverse and colorful part of Tamriel in this preview.
Staff Post
  • maboleth
    So far it looks like stuff we already have in ESO. Nothing sort of sticking out, except the castle. Old assets reused. This should have been included with E+.
  • Tommy_The_Gun
    Looking forward to see & explore new content. Last time TES players could see gideon was like in.. TES I Arena... I do hope we will eventually be able to explore all Tamriel (All gaps in the map filled, including of course - entire Black Marsh).

    Also... what is up with that mysterious Argonian dude that we have seen in trailer ? And who also can be seen on Main Menu screen... I hope you are saving best for last... otherwise I will be disappointed...
  • MaisonNaevius
    “The Imperials within Blackwood have accepted their division from the main Empire and wish to lead normal lives–even if it seems like all odds are against them,”

    WTF is that ?

    This is typically nibenese.. They do stupid things, they spread chaos and get out of the way.
    They only think about their small business and are responsible for the death of the Empire.
    The Nibenese are known to be in solidarity with each other ... Is not it? (irony) "Hello Bravil, are you occupied by the Dominion ? Good ... Ok ... Inshallah".

    I'm starting to convince myself that even Skingrad has seceded ... While the count is a true loyal Colovian. Loyal to the Eight and to the Empire.
    "Everything happens the same year" but Zos will ensure that Colovia seceded despite the Legions and actual campaigns.

    I was working on the psychology of my main character for roleplay recently... In other words, she doesn't want to live at all with this.
    > Wiki spécialisé sur la Légion impériale dans ESO <

    > Wiki sur les colonies et personnalités politiques impériales dans ESO <

    > Cyrodiil de l'Info <

    - Naevius-
  • Fischblut
    Thank you for including The streets of Leyawiin picture in the article! :) I really loved when this scene was shown in video, and wanted to have clean image for viewing <3 I hope that this place will look the same in game - it has very soft and pleasant lighting...
  • Destai
    Leyawiin looks so enchanting, cannot wait to roam its streets!
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