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What is the worst dungeon achievement?

(And why is it Strangling Cowardice?)
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What is the worst dungeon achievement? 37 votes

Strangling Cowardice (Moon Hunter Keep)
ninibiniAnkaridanKiramekucode65536siddiqueLadyNalcaryaQbikenrudvilD0RID0RI240SeperatistAgenericnamecolossalvoidsStrafeSinnlosDisturbed125JeirnoHappyTheCamperTochTomiksdeSimon_111DerpyBossGamer 20 votes
Prodigious Pacification (formerly Lashing Lullaby) (Icereach)
Chufu 1 vote
Shagrath's Shield (Lair of Maarselok)
Nirntrottertheroyalestpythonnub18_ESOTyavarikiLLahweSPeFakeFoxTelvanniWizardGregaZyvaBlueMoonRisingclicktoselect 10 votes
Cubed (Moongrave Fane)
lolo_01b16_ESOTreniarenneth3burg3rNeatleMirandaSharp 6 votes
  • Qbiken
    Strangling Cowardice (Moon Hunter Keep)
    I kinda want to add the tripple achievement in Frosvault due to the downstairs phase in hardmode, which can be really tricky in my experience.
  • Disturbed125
    Strangling Cowardice (Moon Hunter Keep)
    Done it twice now, never want to do it again......
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  • Elwendryll
    Stalwart sisterhood...
    PC - EU - France - AD
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    All 4-man trifectas - TTT, IR, GH
  • Nirntrotter
    Shagrath's Shield (Lair of Maarselok)
    I'd like to add Fear No Darkness as an honorable mention. It's doable, it's just... awkward? Weird? Silly?
    Grand Warlord Arodel, Gryphon Heart
    AD MagDK, *2014, PC-EU | 49k+ achievement points
  • lolo_01b16_ESO
    Cubed (Moongrave Fane)
    That boss in moongrave is the most annoying one in the game. I don't mind hard achievements even if they have rng elements, but I don't want to spend any time or effort on this stupid boss. Who thought it would be fun to have a boss that is immune to damage 80% of the fight?
  • dazee
    Worst one I could actually find people willing to bother with was VSCP Hardmode. the more annoying the achievement the fewer people care.
    Playing your character the way your character should play is all that matters. Play as well as you can but never betray the character. Doing so would make playing an mmoRPG pointless.
  • StrafeSinnlos
    Strangling Cowardice (Moon Hunter Keep)
    IIRC, Strangling Cowardice took us longer than the trifecta. So much rage...
    Never again.

    Shagrath's Shield would have been much more frustrating (and time-consuming) without that amazing option in Code's addon that tells you if you failed it.

    Cubed was easy once we figured out what to do. Took a few tries but it wasn't as bad.

    Can't even remember the Icereach one, I think we breathed through all the achievements there over a weekend marathon.

    So yeah, definitely Strangling Cowardice. *shudders*
  • iksde
    Strangling Cowardice (Moon Hunter Keep)
    I will say a bit hard to say

    Strangling Cowardice - I was trying it few times - seems bugged many times or need to be done at 1st try in dungeon...if failed 1st time and done after wipe it never counted...

    Prodigious Pacification - just dps awarnes to not finish and let tank do work

    Shagrath's Shield - just doable xD

    Cubed - just need luck with RNG with spawn of lava gaysers to cover and timing with teammate to cover them
  • robpr
    Personally it's Missed Me By That Much from Vateshran because I dont have enough damage to skip the shades.
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