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Collectible Achievement Guide (Spoiler Alert)

  • Vara123
    Hey there there any confirmed drop of a wraith shackle in the lasts months?

    Do they also drop from normal ghosts or is it a wraith drop only? (afaik both wraith and ghosts drop ectoplasmic stuff/wraith shackle .. or did they patch it in the past?)

    --> last trophy needed for completing those achievements, so any advice would be helpful. Most spots I tried so far (Rulanyil /Vahtacen / Forgotten Crypts /Eidolon Hollow) are over-farmed or have a lousy number of mobs/awful respawn rate.

    Tx in advance ;)
  • Ilsabet
    I got my wraith shackle from Forgotten Crypts around 4-5 months ago, if that helps.

    As far as I know you can't get them from ghosts.
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  • Vara123
    tx a bunch - been there (Forgotten Crypts) yesterday for 2 hrs.. nothing.. but.. this morning .. 10 min roundtripping.. DINNG ..

    Funny ways - 3 days farming .. nothing.. 1 complaint /call for help in the forum or guild and .. tadaa ..

    Recent drops:

    Confirmed drop for wraith shackle in Forgotten Crypts as well ;)

    Buzzing Sting / Alit Stone --> Grahtwood - southern part (5 Wamasus + 4 Alits with good respawn rate)

    Ectoplasmic thingy (ghosts) --> Eidolon´s Hollow

    Cruel Collar (jackals) Craglorn (the rocks between Zalgaz / wayshrine of Seekers Archive? not sure ´bout the english name)

    Crypt urn (mummies) - Tu´whaca´s Throne - Alik´r

    Stoneheart (gargyles) - Qharroa /Bangkorai

    (all last week)
  • kwaidan83
    Hey there
    I only miss the Hand of Glory collectible (from zombies) to complete all those achievements. But after many hours of farming in Vile Laboratory and Tava's Blessing, still no Hand... :disappointed:
    Do you know another farming place that I can try? Thx
  • kwaidan83
    Hey there !
    I finally get the Hand of Glory...

    fyi I get it in a spot in Glenumbra between the Lion Guard Redoubt Wayshrine and Gaudet Farm
  • Fontecc
    Just finished the collectibles achievement for about 17 trophies that I was missing after playing for a couple years, thought I'd let you know what worked for me. This has all been done in the latest 2-3 patches:

    -Crackling Lodestone - Storm Atronach - Reaper's March, Willowgrove (southwest zone)

    -Razor-Edged Mandible - Shalk, Thunderbug, Assassin Beetle - Stonefalls, Sulfur Pools

    -Gossamer Wingler - Wasp - Reaper's March, East of Willowgrove

    -Werewolf's Cameo - Werewolf - Glenumbra, North of Aldcroft

    -Nose Shackle - Ogrim - Coldharbour, Tower of Lies

    -Ogre Toe Ring - Ogre - Reaper's March, East of Willowgrove

    -Stony Heart - Gargoyle -Bangkorai, Qharroa Ruins

    -Brass Anklets - Nereid - Greenshade, Verant Morass, Nereid Cave

    -Icebound Vertebra - Ice Wraith - The Rift, Lion's Den Public Dungeon

    -Shimmering Alit Bezoar - Alit - Grahtwood, The Gray Mire

    -Magnificent Bat Pelt - Giant Bat - Greenshade, Shademist Moors

    -Cat's Claw - Senche-Tiger - Reaper's March, East of Willowgrove

    -Huge Mammoth's Tooth - Mammoth - Eastmarch, West of Hermit's Hideout

    -Buzzing Spine - Wamasu - Grahtwood, The Gray Mire

    -Bile Gilt - Netch - Bal Foyen

    -Hand of Glory - Zombie - Tava's Blessing

    -Crypt Jar - Mummy - Shadowfen, Loriasel
  • Saoirse_Siobhan
    FINALLY FINISHED all the collectibles achievements. I had 6 trophies missing after playing since 2015 and decided to try and finish them now. Here's where I found the last 6 to confirm where it drops :

    Shimmering Alit Bezoar - Alit : Kenarthi's Roost
    ^^ This was probably the most frustrating one ever to get. I remember attempting it a year or so ago with no success, then again a few months ago, and attempted again a week ago. I was about to abandon it again or submit a bug report but I finally got it after 3 days of farming.

    The RNG gods had had their fill of tormenting me it seems because I found all the last 5 today :

    Nose Shackle - Ogrim : Coldharbor (Outside Tower of Lies)

    Ogre Toe Ring - Ogre : Shinji's Scarp (Stormhaven)

    Stony Heart - Gargoyle : Qharroa Ruins (Bangkorai)

    Second Skin - Lamia : Lake south of The Moonless Walk (Coldharbor)

    Flawless Tail Feather - Harpy : Shrieking Scar (Glenumbra)

    A huge thank you to everyone in this thread! <3
    Edited by Saoirse_Siobhan on December 1, 2020 7:11PM
    PC/EU DC
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