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Official Discussion Thread for "Crown Store Showcase - December 2019"

This is the official discussion thread for "Crown Store Showcase - December 2019" blog article.

Celebrate New Life with a selection of seasonal costumes, furnishings, homes, and more coming to the Crown Store in December.
Staff Post
  • Greystag
    I'm sad Frost Atronach crates aren't here. Does that mean we won't get them this month yet?
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  • TiaFrye
    Greystag wrote: »
    I'm sad Frost Atronach crates aren't here. Does that mean we won't get them this month yet?

    Crates have their own articles now, so expect one at the end of the month.
  • Nairinhe
    @ZOS_SarahHecker is there any info on when Shields of Senchal motif will be available? Hoped to see them in December.
  • gepe87
    Terrible. No Murkmire stuff?
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  • Wolfkeks
    Lot of returning stuff... So that saves me some money ^^
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  • White wabbit
    White wabbit
    TiaFrye wrote: »
    Wow, that's... Underwhelming. Too much returning items that no one asked for.

    Yep not much effort put in if you ask me
  • Aliyavana
    Spent all my crowns thinking they would be reasonable and not release the potentates house a month after the jodes embrace house. Oh well, there goes the beautiful khajiiti house i wanted.
    Edited by Aliyavana on December 2, 2019 3:17PM
  • Langdon64
    As a newer player, I'm really happy to see the Snow Globe home and New Life furnishing pack. I have been waiting patiently since June so, no disappointment here!
  • Hallothiel
    So any guesses as to how extortionate Potentates Retreat will be?! 😕
  • runa_gate
    We a repeat of things available in the past - which is nice for those that don't already have them, especially frostcaster but then why not grim harlequin like so many asked for this last month? notably, I already have literally all the things in this month's showcase

    People will be happy to have the cowgirl hat that don't already

    But it seems even the crown store folks are getting lazy this year - the featured things this last month are crown gem items that one could have gotten the entire time anyway. But a super expensive House that was super limited time... while those crown crate items were available seemingly forever now

    The bureaucracy evident in the assortment and timing is evident and so strange, and really needs to be looked at. What possible rationale is there for something like 1) announce a statuette for ESO+ members that's basically a variation on the dozen or more we already all have? 2) announce specifically when that will be available, then withdrawn? How could it possibly matter? You want to give ESO+ members a little something extra why not just in-game mail it when it's done, with a little note, rather than have it's timing in an article on the website? Same with in-game furniture purchase items... a footnote about a sale in an otherwise unrelated article "courtyard items for sale Nov 23rd through 27th" I would hazard to guess most people are wholly unaware of the housing editor furnishing purchase option most of the time, and even less of those people read a footnote at the end of a festival article announcing this. But the New Moon cat is in the crown showcase as a "featured" item even though anyone who is even vaguely aware of the crown store has seen it there for over a month already.

    This is not a complaint about these things as clearly I am one of the minuscule percentage of people who do read and notice these things. It's just odd how you come up with a template of how one of your teams will do something and repeatedly perform the same pattern without analyzing whether the initial plan, in fact, makes any sense.

    What's probably the most pertinent info in that article and I will highlight it here is the frostcaster motif is one of the only crown-store only motifs so if you really want it remember you have to purchase it, it's not available in-game so mark your calendar.
  • Fischblut
    It's very boring month for me as well... And I'm very sad and disappointed that no older crate seasons return this month :o
  • Pyr0xyrecuprotite
    @ZOS_SarahHecker ,
    I'm really surprised that the Iceheart motif is only going to be available for two weeks (December 23 to January 2), rather than the usual 4-5 weeks for previous monster head/shoulder/arms sets. This gives us much less time than usual to try farm the mask style page from vet Direfrost, especially given that it overlaps with the New Life Festival. Could ZoS please consider extending this period or starting the availability period earlier?

    Update: Oops, I just realized this is a re-release of a style page that was previously available, so many players (including myself) already have this...

    Also, does the absence of any mention of an Undaunted catch-up event indicate that ZoS have given up on a catch-up event for the Undaunted? Or is the team still making the call as to if/when to redo that event, or perhaps extend the New Life (or increase tickets from the New Life event) instead? Thanks for any update.
    Edited by Pyr0xyrecuprotite on December 3, 2019 4:26AM
  • Ye_Olde_Crowe
    Hallothiel wrote: »
    So any guesses as to how extortionate Potentates Retreat will be?! 😕

    Hardly less than 14k+ I'm afraid.
    Prices for these huge manors are rising and rising and so nowadays I think thrice before buying yet another one. I will have my ESO+ Crowns by the time the Potentate's Retreat will be available, thus I might get it, but ... if it's too expensive for impulse buying I might give it a pass as I did with Jode's Embrace.
    But well, it will hopefully return one day (and with a discount at that).
    PC EU.

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  • mateosalvaje
    I've never bought a motif book before, but I'd strongly consider the Bonesnap one 😉
    I've been wrong before, and I'll be wrong again.
  • Hallothiel

    I fear it will be around that absurd amount sadly.

    Passed on Jode’s Embrace (tho if had come out when first planned would have def bought it) as had a feeling they might do this with the Retreat - @Aliyavana is right; terrible marketing decision to have 2 expensive large houses one after another - and at Xmas when people will be spending their dosh on real life things. So whilst I would like it for the sparkly water, I’m not going to just chuck my cash at them without quite a lot of consideration.

    [removed bashing comment]
    Edited by ZOS_JesC on December 2, 2019 6:01PM
  • KillsAllElves
    Once more the clown store exuberates lack of imagination put forth by the developers. Just wow!
  • BlissfulDelusions
    Y u no Undaunted monster set this month?

    I mean, you got Iceheart, but that *** is old. Get is a new one!
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  • ListerJMC
    Lots of returning items as others have said... I was really hoping for some new hairstyles and adornments, it's been a while.
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  • Skullstachio
    The crown store showcase isn’t really appealing to me at this point, but it is a matter of opinion, every player is entitled to what appeals to them in the showcase, not every item is gonna be a winner. (Reminds me of when I got the hunters glade, I got it because not only was it a good slice of Hircines Plane of oblivion to call home to most of my lycanthropic Characters, but the fact that Werewolf form is indefinite while roaming the place makes it all the more ideal for werewolf DPS parses.)
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  • Dusk_Coven
    Aliyavana wrote: »
    Spent all my crowns thinking they would be reasonable and not release the potentates house a month after the jodes embrace house. Oh well, there goes the beautiful khajiiti house i wanted.
    They could totally sell more houses if they didn't crunch people so hard. Or even allowing Houses to be Giftable would make a huge difference.
    runa_gate wrote: »
    What possible rationale is there for something like 1) announce a statuette for ESO+ members that's basically a variation on the dozen or more we already all have?
    The idea here is probably to make it clearly part of a collectible set. If they were too different, it wouldn't work as well.
    Beats re-running the same statues.
    Edited by Dusk_Coven on December 3, 2019 6:54AM
  • VerboseQuips
    I am wondering when they'll release the rest of the Tailored in Tamriel costumes. If I remember well, the female Khajiiti costumes are the only one still missing, right? I am a bit surprised that they don't appear now since this is the last month of this Eslweyr year. I hope they'll appear soon though. :smile:

    (I think the lower-tiers female Nord costumes were delivered through daily login rewards, only the highest tier appeared in the Crown Store. )

    Edit: Apparently, I am wrong and the female Nord costumes weren't fully released either. Only what seems to be the highest-tier and either the lowest or mid-tier were released (the bardic robe). There seem to be four male costumes, though. I am a bit confused there... Maybe I missed someting?
    Edited by VerboseQuips on December 3, 2019 10:52AM
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