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Official Discussion Thread for "Crown Store Showcase - September 2019"

  • Banana
    Maybe the new crown crates might have something new in them :|
  • Fischblut
    I've made showcase video for Mind-Shriven Wolf :)

    You can see all movement and hear all sounds of this mount.

    I like the slim body of this mount, and I love the head when you look from the front. I like that it has glowy pawprints - but they don't appear if the mount is walking slowly as you see :/
    I feel relief that this wolf doesn't have same horrible voice as horse, but I still wish it was more edited. It has ordinary wolf voice with noticable echo effect, and so far I haven't heard any idle and jump sounds :/
    And it could use better-looking armor, ordinary wolf armor is boring.

    Overall this showcase was mostly disappointing for me. I waited for that new recolor of Senche Raht, and for return of older crate seasons. I seriously wait for Scalecaller crates in December, and they still need to return Dwarven (should have returned in August), Wild Hunt (in September), Reaper's Harvest, Hollowjack (thematically both should return in October, but November is ok too) and Storm Atronach (should return in December also) seasons :D

    I'm very glad that we are getting New Moon crates after 13 days at least; this fact together with Mind Shriven Wolf saves the showcase from being total disappointment in my case :smiley:
  • KillsAllElves
    Utter garbage

    Who the hell is allowing this trash in the clown store
  • Maelstroa
    Utter garbage

    Who the hell is allowing this trash in the clown store

    You must be new to ZoS, this is becoming more and more typical.
    They're like EA's kid brother. Gotta try hard and get big brother to notice how much they are growing up like them.

    Still stuck waiting on the stuff they pulled off the roster previous too, I had a lot of stuff planned to do with items from the Moon Priest Furnishing pack. It's not like those items have been finished and working since Elsweyr PTS with the NDA still in effect OR SOMETHING.
    But, then again, we've all seen leaked items and skins [complete in game files or even currently used by NPCs] that would be fantastic and beautiful to have be available now that have been around since Summerset and far before that.. But why would ZoS ever release those, right..?

  • Jayne_Doe
    I echo the sentiment of disappointment. Most of it is returning items. Which I do think is great for players that missed them the first time around, but what's left for new players is a very thematic mount/pet and another pet, which I know some are excited for, but I couldn't care less about having a durzog.

    There is a new motif, but we can get that in-game, which is where I'll be getting it. Another new dungeon outfit style - I don't do dungeons and have passed on every single one before this, so won't be getting the new one either.

    Hmm...oh - there's a new music box. Whoo? Don't care for those either since I feel they're overpriced. If they were a collectible, then I could see buying them, but 800 crowns is a lot of money to me for one song that takes up a normal furniture slot in one home. I really wish they had given us a bard assistant, but I suspect they thought they could make a lot more money offering one song at a time in non-collectible form.

    Of the returning items, I already have everything I want. Well, I might pick up the Imperial warhorse if the sale is decent for ESO+ members, but I already have the costumes and have no interest in the home, furnishing packs, or pet that are returning.

    But, I get to save crowns yet again, as I passed on the only thing I was interested in last month - the merchant costume, which I would have purchased if not for the lamp.

    And I agree with others that there are plenty of items that we're still waiting on. It took a year for us to finally get the Altmer female costumes (a year after Summerset's launch). It appears we may have to wait a year after Elsweyr's launch to get the female Khajiit costumes. Plus there's still a missing costume for the female Nord.

    I don't have much hope that there will be much new content for us to buy over the next months, since we're heading into the holidays. The store will presumably be filled mostly with returning holiday items.
  • Hulking_Draugr9
    Any guilds on Xbox NA that sells crowns? Lol, I'm broketh.
  • MornaBaine
    Here's hoping for a better October....including the bat pet!
    PAWS (Positively Against Wrip-off Stuff) - Say No to Crown Crates!

  • MyNameIsElias
    @ZOS_SarahHecker @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_JessicaFolsom Any ETA on the Spooktober crownstore showcase? Pretty please? :)
  • Avariprivateer
    @ZOS_SarahHecker @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_JessicaFolsom Any ETA on the Spooktober crownstore showcase? Pretty please? :)

    Tomorrow, via ZOS, see other subforum.
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