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Lack of customer support/communication regarding ticket

Hi, If I could please get someone to look into my support ticket 190904-001293 myself and a few other people I know have recently received what I've been told is a social ban (unable to use guild traders, whisper, talk in groups etc) without any communication as to why this has happened. As a gm of a fairly large guild I have been told this can happen if moving large amounts of gold around but I should have been sent an email from zos explaining why this has happened and I have not received anything explaining why, other reasons may be toxicity or abusive behavior but that's not something I have ever done nor been a part of.

I made my support ticket 2 days ago and this is becoming extremely frustrating not being able to use these features and my support ticket has not been looked at. @ZOS_RikardD @ZOS_BillE Could someone please take a look at this for me I'm trying to be patient but as a gm I need these features enabled and would like to know why/how this has happened.
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  • Taleof2Cities
    Social bans can also result from sending out mass mails to the guild, @SienneYviete.

    Hopefully, a friendly forums mod will be along to help move your ticket along ...
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  • idk
    It is an automatic ban that the game levies when a threshold is crossed. That is why there is no warning. Zos has been reducing how often addons are permitted to request information from the server, which includes sending guild mails as Tale pointed out above. So it could be due to guild mailings or another addon.
    Really, idk
  • SienneYviete
    Unless it's another add-on that has caused it, I've not used a guild mailer in quite a long time. It's been three days now without a response from customer support. Starting to get really frustrated about this.
  • ZOS_BillE

    I've sent you a private message regarding ticket #190904-001293.
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