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Wayrest Sewers II is broken

Just like to request an improvement on this dungeon, I'm sick and tired of doing it, hoping to get the achievement and because of the spiteful careless randoms in the dungeon finder they always rush through and ignore the Skull Reaper boss, and just ignore my requests to take it down. The fact is, if you go through the quest and don't even meet this boss, there's a flaw in the game design >:(
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  • m2rc
    Lots of dungeons have optional bosses - they provide an extra source of loot for those who aren't speedrunning the Undaunted pledges. It's not part of the quest because it doesn't have to be. I prefer it this way because it adds to the atmosphere of the dungeon, as if it's a vast expanse of sewers that are untouched and undiscovered.

    As for people not wanting to do the optional boss, that is tough but I've had plenty of groups willing to do them.
  • El_Borracho
    The real problem is Wayrest 2 is just a slog of a dungeon. That, along with BC2, are two of my least favorite from the non-DLC batch. Always let out a groan when they pop up on pledges. They're not hard, but just long and repetitive. People just want to get in and get out.
  • code65536
    Just do what I do: Quickly run into the room with the side boss. Light-attack it. Run back into the main room. Now the group has no choice but to kill it. That side boss doesn't have a reset range and will chase you all the way to the main room. Plus, killing both bosses together this way is faster than killing them separately.

    I do the same with the spriggan side boss in EH1. Pull both bosses together and nuke them together.
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