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Build a Treasure Room Housing Contest! Winners/screenshots added!

JHartEllis from the ESO Stream Team is happy to present the Build a Treasure Room Housing Contest! This is open to all on PC/NA and EU!
The contest is open-ended with just a couple of restrictions:
-The treasure area must fit into a single screenshot. Please restrict it to one room or area.
-It needs to be a new creation; please no previous submissions for other contests or tours.


Two ways to enter:

1) Send an in-game mail to @JHartEllis. You may include a BRIEF description if necessary to explain your build.

2) OR, reply to this thread along with the server you are on (NA or EU), and you may include a longer description and screenshots.

Make sure JHartEllis has Visitor access for the tours. It is not necessary to set the submission as your primary, and you do not need to be present during the streamed tour. Get your entry submitted before before 3pm EDT on Saturday, August 3rd. Enter early (earlier the better). If you have EHT FX, publish them to the community or mail them in-game to JHartEllis


Top 6 overall winners will receive huge furnishing bundles (~250,000g worth) on PC/NA or PC/EU! Add to your treasure piles! Judging will be mostly based on creativity, fun factor, and build polish. All other entrants will receive a small participation prize.

Judging will be streamed Saturday, August 3rd starting at 6pm EDT at We'll have several prizes for Twitch chat participants as well including a much-treasured Torchbug! Tune in, get some decoration inspiration, and enter for prizes!

Have fun with it, and good luck!
Edited by JHartEllis on August 6, 2019 9:32PM
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