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Elinhir Private Arena - Infernace

It took me over a year of tinkering, re-building and re-designing to get a fully functional arena without sactificing the traps. Covering the arena itself was a challenge. Though, here I am, finally "quite pleased" with it.

Hope you enjoy!

Created with Essential Housing Tools.

Highlights for these, who don't do youtube:



Arena (main structure):







"Fire temple":






  • StabbityDoom
    I've seen it in person and it's spectacular. Bravo, Bay.
    EHT zealot
  • seecodenotgames
    I visited, but bayushi was in the craft bag the whole time and didn't notice lol
    Houses on PC EU (newest first)
    Markarth Bath House (Stone Eagle Aerie) - A relaxing spa and bath house with an arts and craft centre for visitors to unwind. Or pay extra to stay the night in our VIP suite.
    Treeboat house (The Gorinir Estate) - No one know how an imperial ship ended up in the treetops, but it makes a great treehouse.
    Varlaisvea College (Varlaisvea Ayleid Ruins) - An ancient library has been discovered deep inside an Ayleid ruin.
    City on the Moon (The Orbservatory Prior) - City Moonbase with housing and an inn under the stars
    Lakemire Water Gardens (Lakemire Xanmeer Manor) - Relaxing hanging gardens and a fish restaurant beneath the Xanmeer
    Hircine's Hunt Club (Hunters Glade) - A relaxing villa for all werewolves to come and feast in the ever flowing hunting grounds
    Lost Dwarven Kingdom (Shalidor’s Shrouded Realm) - The palace of a lost Dwemer king has been found in a mage's pocket realm
    Witch Tower Inn (Exorcised Coven Cottage) - An abandoned witch tower, converted into a little inn.
    Topal Fishing Resort (Grand Topal Hideaway) - A resort in the middle of a fishing lake on a private island
    Castleton Manor (Alinor Crest Townhouse) - The house of Lord Castleton and his daughter Sonja
    Cave of BBQ N Ribs (Earthtear Cavern) - A secret dome, built inside a dank and secluded cavern, hosts the best BBQ and ribs restaurant
    Who Lived in a Shoe (The Ample Domicile) - There was an old reach witch who lived in a shoe
    Dwemer Party Tower (Hall of the Lunar Champion - Lion's Cradle) - A dwarven flying tower redesigned for parties
    A Taste of Alinor (Sleek Creek House) - A small piece of Alinor situated beside a Rawl’kha creek
    Lava Submarine Base (Bastion Sanguinaris) - An evil vampire alchemy lab, accessible only via a lava submarine
    Spirit-tree Library (Wraithhome) - A library built atop an ancient forest that is growing in an even more ancient Daedric ruin
    Golden Beach Palace (Thieves' Oasis) - A dwarven inspired Redguard pool and beach resort
    Mad Scientists House (Cyrodilic Jungle House) - Workshop in the garage with an experimental De-lore-ean
    Big Toy House (Antiquarian's Alpine Gallery) - Two life sized doll's houses and a inn beneath the stairs
    Icy Falls Inn (Forgemaster Falls) - Two Nord lodges serving mead and snacks
    Blue-ice Palace (Stillwaters Retreat) - Just like Solitude, but on a frozen lake
    Mushroom Manor (Coldharbour Surreal Estate) - A giant mushroom house
    Vampire Academy with wine bar (Daggerfall Overlook) - Come for the nibbles; stay for eternity
    Three Pillows War (Grymharth's Woe) - Re-enact the three banners war with pillow forts and floof balls
    Treefern House (Moon-sugar meadow) - A treehouse build around a giant treefern
    Artaeum Theatre/Opera house/Divine Chapel (Grand Psijic Manor) - Tiered Balcony with many seats
    Imperial Bridal Suite (Linchal Grand Manor) - Extension with Alinor wedding theme
    Dragonguard Penthouse (Jode's Embrace) - 3 Extra floors, with indoor conservatory and top floor gym
  • bayushi2005
    Thank you so much @StabbityDoom !

    I am terribly sorry @seecodenotgames , I tend to multitask on one screen (by multitasking I mean having like 10 windows open) and just move the in game camera like every 10 mins so I don't get logged out ^^
    I rather flood people with words and images than ignore them... It wasn't intentional!

    I hope you enjoyed at least ;)
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