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Elinhir Private Arena - Infernace

It took me over a year of tinkering, re-building and re-designing to get a fully functional arena without sactificing the traps. Covering the arena itself was a challenge. Though, here I am, finally "quite pleased" with it.

Hope you enjoy!

Created with Essential Housing Tools.

Highlights for these, who don't do youtube:



Arena (main structure):







"Fire temple":






  • StabbityDoom
    I've seen it in person and it's spectacular. Bravo, Bay.
    EHT zealot
  • seecodenotgames
    I visited, but bayushi was in the craft bag the whole time and didn't notice lol
    Houses on PC EU (newest first)
    Dwemer Party Tower (Hall of the Lunar Champion - Lion's Cradle) - A dwarven flying tower redesigned for parties
    A Taste of Alinor (Sleek Creek House) - A small piece of Alinor situated beside a Rawl’kha creek
    Lava Submarine Base (Bastion Sanguinaris) - An evil vampire alchemy lab, accessible only via a lava submarine
    Spirit-tree Library (Wraithhome) - A library built atop an ancient forest that is growing in an even more ancient daedric ruin
    Golden Beach Palace (Thieves' Oasis) - A dwarven inspired Redguard pool and beach resort
    Mad Scientists House (Cyrodilic Jungle House) - Workshop in the garage with an experimental De-lore-ean
    Big Toy House (Antiquarian's Alpine Gallery) - Two life sized doll's houses and a inn beneath the stairs
    Icy Falls Inn (Forgemaster Falls) - Two Nord lodges serving mead and snacks
    Blue-ice Palace (Stillwaters Retreat) - Just like Solitude, but on a frozen lake
    Mushroom Manor (Coldharbour Surreal Estate) - A giant mushroom house
    Vampire Academy with wine bar (Daggerfall Overlook) - Come for the nibbles; stay for eternity
    Three Pillows War (Grymharth's Woe) - Re-enact the three banners war with pillow forts and floof balls
    Treefern House (Moon-sugar meadow) - A treehouse build around a giant treefern
    Artaeum Theatre/Opera house/Divine Chapel (Grand Psijic Manor) - Tiered Balcony with many seats
    Imperial Bridal Suite (Linchal Grand Manor) - Extension with Alinor wedding theme
    Dragonguard Penthouse (Jode's Embrace) - 3 Extra floors, with indoor conservatory and top floor gym
  • bayushi2005
    Thank you so much @StabbityDoom !

    I am terribly sorry @seecodenotgames , I tend to multitask on one screen (by multitasking I mean having like 10 windows open) and just move the in game camera like every 10 mins so I don't get logged out ^^
    I rather flood people with words and images than ignore them... It wasn't intentional!

    I hope you enjoyed at least ;)
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