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{KSF} Khajiit Special Forces {KSF} Khajiit has events, raffles, guild hall and many more!

Soul Shriven
Elsweyr desert, we prepare. Our loyalty to Queen Ayrenn, we have. With claw and deathstare we ensnare- our enemies, we have declared! Khajiit join ranks! Khajiit Special Forces grow!

Khajiit Special Forces

Hello friend! Welcome to our recruitment thread on the ESO Forums. You might of just wondered into this thread or you are actually interested in joining our guild.
KSF, or Khajiit Special Forces is a casual guild (We do a lil of everything) NA Server. We are preparing a massive task force to send into Elsweyr. We mainly like to have fun, goof off and just hangout. We try to do weekly events and allow our members to win stuff too. So we make it worth while! So check us out! :wink:

Weekly Events with prizes!!!! Raffles, Sales, Mats Gathering events, etc.

Social Media

Application Process
  • Be a Khajiit or make one
  • Apply on the Facebook group (We have questions that are set for new applicants, if not answered it is denied)
  • Be respectful to others
  • Deposit in the guild bank, get our tabard, and participate. (We make it worth while.)

KSF has awesome Benefits for members
We like to help our members succeed in game, we not only include events for members to win stuff but to allow our guild to grow we have payouts and recruitment bonuses for a member who brings in a new member.
KSF Newsletter :smiley:

Well we look forward to hanging out with you and venturing into Elsweyr.

Warm Regards,

Germaine, aka Head Cat

Ps, this is a working progress.. Updates Regulary.
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  • Germainethebold
    Soul Shriven
    We are doing a raffle contest this weekend starting Friday morning and going till Sunday at midnight. :) Members only tho :wink:
  • Germainethebold
    Soul Shriven
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