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Sleepless Knights NO DUES socal guild recruiting! Crafters, guild hall, active Discord, 18+

  • DarkMark1138
    Soul Shriven
    Right on thanks. I'll check when i get on after work.
  • Cjfowler66b14_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Hey Ice!
    Would love to join up with you guys, (can help out with crafting, dungeons, etc.) whenever I’m available!

    Gt: XI Nightfury IX
  • Icextentialist
    Gotcha! Let me know if there's any issue with your invite.
  • Malfoy
    May I have an invite? GT MalekithMalfoy
    I am compiled of trillions of neutrons, passing by planes of existences. I am the spark that lit the change.
  • Icextentialist
    We gotcha earlier. Just catching up before I catch a nap. See ya around!
  • glyndon
    Soul Shriven
    You got my interest with your name alone. If you're still hunting bodies, my GT is Glyndarling
  • Icextentialist
    Sent you an invite! You should see it soon.
  • rhoslynkai
    Soul Shriven
    Love your name! I'd love to join.

    GT Kikaymarie
    Eso rhoslynkai
  • Vapirko
    I had a small dislexic moment and read your title as NO NUDES.
  • Icextentialist
    While that's technically true, I run around in-game a lot wearing just my skivvies or a Nordic bathing towel. 😁
  • NewJerseyNinja
    Soul Shriven
    Hi can I get an invite please? GT - NewJerseyNinja
  • Icextentialist
    I'll have someone send an invite! Be sure to check out our Discord!
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