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Sleepless Knights NO DUES social guild! Crafters, monthly raffle, weekly guild events, Discord, 18+

[Xbox1][NA][Social, PvE, All Alliances][18+]

SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS - Bringing our Realm of Insomnia to Xbox!

We're a guild that formed back in 2015 and survived to tell the tale. Join our adventurous band of rabble for a bit of fun! Please visit to chat with us and ask for a guild invite from one of our officers. 😁

We now aim higher for glory (arena and trials), honor (all alliance PvP zones and achievements), and more good stuff at the guild hall! We are welcoming experienced event planners to apply to join the officer ranks as we grow.

Merchant, banker, basic crafting stations, a transmute station, and common mundus stones are currently available for guild use. We are adding more each week! Guild hall is at my primary residence! Just search for Icextentialist in the guild roster.

We run a 50-50 raffle on a bi-weekly basis. We want to make sure everyone gets a fair shot to win, so we've limited entries to 15 @ 5k each, for a maximum of 75k.

Teaching trial runs are on hold until we gain a few more active members. CP 160 is required to join this event, but we host plenty of activities for everyone still leveling. You will just be asked to follow the Discord event channel so we can get a headcount before jumping in.

Vamp/werewolf bites are available upon request in Discord or party chat after a short probationary period for free (as recharged).

All of us are working on crafting specialties and would be happy to trade service-for-service or service-for-coin. Traits for research are available with mats from anyone and some of us are happy to toss them your way for free.

Master crafters are available for:

* Clothing
* Woodcrafting
* Blacksmithing
* Enchanting
* Provisioning
* Alchemy
* Jewelry (please be ready to provide mats)

All levels welcome. We assist with:

* Leveling
* Delves
* Dungeons
* Skyshard hunting
* Crafting research items
* Achievement hunting
And more!

Mics highly suggested because we want to hear your beautiful voices, but are not required.

Be sure to apply to Sleepless Knights on our Discord server. We all look forward to picking up on some new adventures with y'all! Join up and help build our community. It should be something that holds an enjoyable aspect for everyone who joins because YOU will be vital in how the guild evolves!

Edited by Icextentialist on June 14, 2019 4:39PM
  • Icextentialist
    Still recruiting! Growing slowly but consistently. Don't be shy, hit me up!
  • ImGentner
    I'll join, been looking for new guilds
    Gt: Im Gentner
  • Icextentialist
    Great! I'll add you when I get back online. Be sure to join the Discord to keep up to date and meet the crew.

    Our bank slots reopened as of yesterday! Growing steadily.
  • Icextentialist
    Updated guild description! Always looking for more people.
  • Icextentialist
    Almost 20 active members now, necro accounts are gone, and we're running most content. Need a few more and we can attempt some trials! Be sure to check us out!
  • Icextentialist
    Still recruiting! Up around 40 members now.
  • Icextentialist
    *insert typical recruiting update here*
  • Icextentialist
    Recruiting, now with merchant AND banker!
  • Icextentialist
    Merry Christmas! :smiley:
  • grishnokk
    Soul Shriven
    I’ll join,
    Spent past couple weeks trying solo but need a good group to play with
    GT: themasterdiver
  • piggythread832
    Soul Shriven
    Would like a invite please piggythread832
    Edited by piggythread832 on December 27, 2018 6:44PM
  • Icextentialist
    Invites sent! Remember, Discord is the best place to get your guild info. Link in description. Glad to have you!
  • godofstorms2603
    Soul Shriven
    I would like to join your guild
    GT: Godofstorms26
    Edited by godofstorms2603 on December 29, 2018 1:11AM
  • Icextentialist
    Sent the invite!
  • Icextentialist
    Happy new year, everyone! 73 and counting, still looking for recruits! 😁
  • Vintageurchin62
    Soul Shriven
    Vintageurchin up and comer new player level 27 redguard templar.
  • Delta1068
    Soul Shriven
    If your guild voice chat is active... invite Delta1068
    Xbox One GT: Delta1068
  • Icextentialist
    We typically use party chat because guild voice chat isn't built for those of our guild who use the xbox app to chat. We have active xbox parties, but our guild chat isn't used too frequently. Let me know if you're still interested!
  • I8YourLeftovers
    Can I join? GT is the same as my name
  • PansartaX08
    Soul Shriven
    Would love to join! GT: PansartaX08
  • Moneyslinger
    Soul Shriven
    I am interested in joining this guild. Please add my GT.

    GT: Moneyslinger89
  • Icextentialist
    Dropped your GT in our Discord. You should receive an invitation soon!
  • Moneyslinger
    Soul Shriven
    great thanks!
  • Icextentialist
    Still recruiting!
  • ubermyles
    Are u guys dc or what faction
  • Icextentialist
    We have a mix of all three. Almost all guild officers have a toon in each faction.
  • ubermyles
    Would like to join tag is frenzieddremora
  • Icextentialist
    Cool, I'll get ya that invite soon!
  • DarkMark1138
    Soul Shriven
    Just seeing of u guys are still recruiting. Just started playing again. Didn't get to far last time so dont have to much knowledge yet about alot. But just made a new sorc. Would love to find a guild to call home.
    GT= D4rkRe4ver
  • Icextentialist
    Dropped your GT in guild chat! If you don't see an invite soon, I'll add ya after work.
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