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Sleepless Knights NO DUES social guild! Crafters, monthly raffle, weekly guild events, Discord, 18+

  • DarkMark1138
    Soul Shriven
    Right on thanks. I'll check when i get on after work.
  • Cjfowler66b14_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Hey Ice!
    Would love to join up with you guys, (can help out with crafting, dungeons, etc.) whenever I’m available!

    Gt: XI Nightfury IX
  • Icextentialist
    Gotcha! Let me know if there's any issue with your invite.
  • Sylianwe
    May I have an invite? GT is Sylia Noctis.
    Edited by Sylianwe on April 1, 2023 1:31AM
    The mind is a walled garden, even death can not touch the flowers blooming there 🌹
  • Icextentialist
    We gotcha earlier. Just catching up before I catch a nap. See ya around!
  • glyndon
    Soul Shriven
    You got my interest with your name alone. If you're still hunting bodies, my GT is Glyndarling
  • Icextentialist
    Sent you an invite! You should see it soon.
  • rhoslynkai
    Soul Shriven
    Love your name! I'd love to join.

    GT Kikaymarie
    Eso rhoslynkai
  • Vapirko
    I had a small dislexic moment and read your title as NO NUDES.
  • Icextentialist
    Well that's technically true, I run around in-game a lot wearing just my skivvies or a Nordic bathing towel. 😁
    Edited by Icextentialist on April 23, 2019 11:28PM
  • NewJerseyNinja
    Soul Shriven
    Hi can I get an invite please? GT - NewJerseyNinja
  • Icextentialist
    I'll have someone send an invite! Be sure to check out our Discord!
  • Icextentialist
    Update: We're over 100 members now! Please note that we use Discord and ESO Raidplanner for most of our team events. It is highly recommended to join the Discord. Thanks for checking us out!
  • Icextentialist
    Update: new transmute station!
  • JacobyW216
    Soul Shriven
  • Icextentialist
    Should get to ya soon. Check out the Discord!
  • bennett.zuritaub17_ESO
    I would like to join your guild!

    GT: PandaGamerCadet
  • Samrp38
    Soul Shriven
    I'd like an invite.
    GT is Diabolicsky1018
  • Icextentialist
    Gotcha! Updated the Discord link. It should work now.
  • Captainfez3
    Could I please get an invite?

    GT - see my user name!

    Thanks in advance!!
  • Icextentialist
    Dropped your GT in the Discord. Feel free to jump in using the link in the post!
  • Icextentialist
    Actively recruiting! Updated our description to reflect our current status.
  • rhbsmith07
    Soul Shriven
    id like to join your guild, could I get an invite please?

    GT: Mortemachina
  • Jodas70
    Soul Shriven
    Hey there,
    I'd like to join up

    GT: Jodas70
  • DocBacardi51
    Soul Shriven
    Would love an invite, GT is Username
  • Icextentialist
    Recruiting! Message the Discord for an invite. 😊
    c3nturi0n pr1me
  • Icextentialist
    Requested an invite for you on our Discord server. Be sure to stop by, C3ntur1on!
  • Icextentialist
    Growing quickly and still recruiting! Remember to drop by our Discord channel for the best source of our guild communication and to request an invite. This post is not monitored daily. Thanks for stopping by!
    Edited by Icextentialist on July 12, 2019 5:37PM
  • DOMoftheDEAD
    Soul Shriven
    I would like to join. Just picked up the game again and looking for good group to learn all the new mechanics.
    GT: d0mofthed3ad
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