Console voice chat.

Ps4 Na, every other loading screen I've been through this evening has frozen the voice chat. The psn names of whomever was talking is frozen on screen and it says I'm in chat still, yet no audio from players is heard. Closing application resets this, but unfortunately it breaks again very often. Seems to be getting worse these past few weeks.
  • apri
    PS4 EU it's about the same. Loading screens can kick you out of group chat randomly so you have to re-enter. Sometimes the option to join the group channel disappears along the way and requires you to restart the game to "fix" it again. That can be extremely annoying in PVP because restarting the game may also require you to re-queue into the campaign. This voice chat bug is very old and was introduced by an old major update, around or even before Morrowind. It never was fixed ever since.
  • Whiteout55
    The exact same thing on Xbox too. I came back from a long break (Which I took out of frustration with all the performance issues and bugs which don't get addressed and only get worse) in March and it's been going on ever since.
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