Lilmothiit possibly alive north of Murkmire, according to ....

I just read this, from this article in the news section:

"Q: I've heard you're rather knowledgeable regarding the Murkmire region of Black Marsh, so I'd like to know where the Lilmothiit are! Or, at least, if there's anything leftover since they supposedly lived in that region? - Ta’asi

"A: Ah, the answer to your question is sad-sad! Our vulpine neighbors the Lilmothiit had been in decline for many of their generations, the closest clans having withdrawn from the coastal areas inland toward the city of Blackrose, just north of Murkmire. Alas, the Knahaten Flu, so dreadful for dryskins, struck the Fox-Folk with near-total lethality. No one I’ve spoken to in Murkmire has seen a living Lilmothiit for many swims."

Near-total lethality, not total lethality. Migrated north of Murkmire.
It seems to be a clue to a future DLC where we might see a living Lilmothiit (maybe). The phrase "near-total" is the most interesting part of that, in my mind.
  • myskyrim26
    This sounds promising. Let's see...
    A lot of players really want to know the story of Lilmothiit. A lot already had been said on Argonians. A lot of Argonian lands are saved for future. So, Lilmothiit could be a real catch for a DLC or chapter. Not in the nearest future, of course. But still, there's hope.
  • Froil
    Yay my question bore fruitful answers!
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  • lady
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    This is a topic I’ve been intrigued about for a while now, while we all know that the Knahaten Flu began 20 years prior to ESO events, it’s often forgotten that the plague lasted for over 40 years.

    The flu didn’t kill everything in a year or two, it took decades. Victims died ‘quickly’ but not quick enough as according to the timeline we are right in the middle of the flu outbreak.

    What do you all think about this information?
    (Reminder that ESO year starts at 2E 582)

    “The plague began in Stormhold in 2E 560, and quickly spread to every corner of Black Marsh, killing all those not of reptilian stock. For over forty years it held the Province in its grip, decimating entire cultures (notably, the Kothringi) “
    Pocket Guide to the Empire Third Edition – Black Marsh
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  • SydneyGrey
    I feel like that's just leaving them an "out". They have no plans to use the Lilmothiit, but they don't want to officially say they're all dead in the event that they change their mind. If they wanted to do anything with them, Murkmire would have been the time, since Lilmoth and Blackrose were originally theirs.
    I agree. It's just leaving the option open for them to add some story about the last living Lilmothiit, or something, at a later date. Still, it's intriguing and I hope they do exactly that. It would be pretty cool.
  • lillfox
    There are little vague clues all over Murkmire of the past Lilmothiit culture.
    The most obvious are the fox faces on the doors to Blackrose :)

    I am still hopeful
  • ArchMikem
    lillfox wrote: »
    There are little vague clues all over Murkmire of the past Lilmothiit culture.
    The most obvious are the fox faces on the doors to Blackrose :)

    I am still hopeful

    Unfortunately the Lilmothiit are basically the same status as the Dwemer. They used to be here, they're talked about, but will never be seen again cause the world needs to keep some mysterious things to remain mysterious.

    As much as it pains me, here's a good reason to keep the Limothiit gone. Players will want them to be a playable Race. Now, that'd be completely fine in a Singleplayer game, cause the Player is a solitary character in the game world. One Lilmothiit running around the world being a Hero is justifiable, especially after a serious plague that caused an extinction event. But in an MMO? Suddenly there's hundreds or thousands of supposedly extinct Fox people running around being the Vestige? Lore isn't just broken, it's violated.

    The utmost best case scenario we could hope for, is if one, or a handful of isolated Liilmothiit, possibly "the last Tribe", is seen in game as NPC's with their own Questline, hidden deep in the Black Marsh.

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  • khajiitNPC
    @ArchMikem false — Lilmothiit are totally acceptable in an MMO, while hundreds or thousands might “play” that particular race, it doesn’t mean that it would be canonized in that way at a later date or (god forbid) they come up with a justifiable or even creative way to introduce them. And it’s not “supposedly extinct“ but near extinct, not the same thing. And furthermore, until there is a proper demographically census done, maybe a player base of a few thousand players would be extremely low

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  • Tommy_The_Gun
    - Dwemers are gone.... but 1 was in TES III Morrowind (NPC).
    - Snow Elves (Falmers) are also gone... but 1 was in TES V Skyrim (NPC).
    - Dragons were supposedly gone / extinct too.... but They were back in TES V Skyrim & ESO Elsweyr chapter & Dragonhold DLC...

    Nothing is truly gone for good in Elder Scrolls universe....

    So we wight see Lilmothiit at some point.

    As for the world building in a game, ESO stays more or less faithful to the lore (aside from Argonian & Wood elf racial passives that is). So I could imagine there could be a problem with adding fox-people as a playable race. Just like adding Dremora could cause some problems.

    But I can see a simple walk-around for that.... a "one" race character limit per account. So there will be some of them, but not too many.
  • Chaos2088
    I hope we get them in the game as it would be an awesome addition!!!
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  • Aristocles22
    We don't get to play as every race in the game, or every variety of every race. We can't play as Reachmen, most varieties of Khajiit, the Naga variant of Argonians (and any other which are different from the standard),or as Maormer. Introducing the Lilmothiit wouldn't make people want to play as them, at least, no more so than people who want to play as those other unplayable races.
  • Aptonoth
    I want to play lilimothi and sea elves really badly. I find about 50% of elder scrolls races stereotypical and boring as hell Bethesda did a real number on them after Morrowind making them all way more generic and boring during the oblivion and Skyrim era. Eso was the nail in the coffin for many races like wood elves, Breton’s, orcs, and redguard getting more in depth and interesting lore instead of stereotypical charictures of races we’ve seen in other fantasy games.
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