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Epic matchmaking fail! Seriously...

Green team(my team) starts with 3 people, Purple team with 2, Red team with 3. Red team is a 3 man premade i had just faced the previous game, heavy armor stam dk, magplar healer, magplar dps. Obviously you can guess how things were going, red team was at 270, purple 30, green 90...Then the matchmaker kicks in the gives red team a 4th player who happens to be a fairly infamous stamblade sniper.

Seriously, who came up with this match maker? You have a group with 2 players, and two with 3, one of them a premade that is absolutely dominating the game. How can the match maker possibly give the premade a 4th player before giving purple a 3rd?
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  • SugaComa
    I wish sometimes you could queue as a 12 man queue and have it randomise the group.

    I get the not splitting the premade, but it definitely should populate the underdogs first ...

    I hate it most though when I queue solo and get put in a game where one team is on 480 and the other two on like 15 to 60 and I'm out on the 15. ... Just don't bloody add me
  • Taunky
    Yeah, it has pissed me off on multiple occasions. The match should only begin once all 9 players are in.
    Edited by Taunky on October 13, 2018 10:46PM
  • ChunkyCat
    ZoS don’t care.
  • Fischblut
    Group finder is getting worse and worse :/ Yesterday I couldn't get into any match at all - it was all a game of declines. Few days ago I got into match which started like this:


    And during the whole match group finder couldn't find more people to fill out team :D


    Me and my nice ally still had fun :) But I think I understand why developers decided to make battlegrounds part of base game after Summerset - they decided to abandon developing and fixing it, and such bugged tool should only be free.
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