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Fix Nord Racials Please

  • WoppaBoem
    I just started with a Nord. I like them there a cool race and that to me is worth it. Plus troll king and a north is a pretty good combi.
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  • Ilithyania
    I am sure Nord Passives will be adjusted in the future, just like Argonians, who are now the excellent healers and tanks.
  • Nicko_Lps
    Yes i agree nords need a desperate help, they are the worst race in ESO atm while they are one of the most ICONIC races of the TES lore.

    Bretons need a significant amount of help as well.
  • Raiden_Gekkou
    jim_1 wrote: »
    Why stop at fixing Nord Racials?

    Just fix all the racial passives.

    Call it "Any Race - Any Racial Passive". Your new character can pick from any four racial passive skills.

    Want a stamina character with Exhilaration, Conditioning, Adrenaline Rush, and Carnage (mix of existing Redguard and Khajiit skills) - no problem.

    Want a magicka character with Spellcharge, Gift of Magnus, Elemental Talent, and Destructive Ancestry (mix of existing Altmer and Dunmer skills) - no problem.

    Got an existing character and want to change your racial skills? Just go to your alliance capital, visit the "Shrine of All Races", and pay a tidy sum of gold. Reset your racial skills and pick new ones - no problem.

    I like this. It would open up a few different avenues instead of having to use certain races. You could make different types of character builds around different passives. Do you main a healer but want to be a khajiit? Just pick some magicka-oriented passives so your cat can heal. Do you want to roleplay? You can get the argonian swimming passive and the khajiit pickpocket passive for your bosmer. You could mix racials for pvp to be a combo of tank stats with a bit of damage for a brawler build. You could pick whatever you want to fit your playstyle instead of having to use certain races for certain things.
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  • Perwulf
    As a heavy PvP min/max is very important to me. I badly wanted to play nord which I have always been in every TES game but not in ESO because I don't like playing pure tanks especially in PvP. I do hope ZoS make some racial changes with nords.
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  • Rungar
    how about :take a punch

    some form of anti knockdown buff

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  • jlmurra2
    I like the idea of Nords restoring stamina when taking damage. That absolutely sounds like a brawler type passive. It would fit Nords well, and make them more competitive at tanking, and stamina roles.
  • ayu_fever
    perhaps in 2021 on the 10 year anniversary of skyrim the nord will be fully redone when we get that whole area as that years chapter.

    as a nord main it would be nice to get a good update to the race. i like the restore stamina upon taking damage. its a great idea! my nord templar tank would love that!!!
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