Anyone else got the stuck in combat bug again?

I haven't had this in about a year but after the patch this morning I logged in and got into a battle and have been stuck in combat ever since. I tried reloading UI and everything but it won't let me out of combat. It was like that for about 30 minutes and finally I had to do a force quit. This happening to anyone else?
I use to be a PVP'er like you but then I took a lag spike to the knee.
  • DivineFirstYOLO
    I think it's those damn ressource guards.. if you aggro them and then leave the ressource without killing them all you are stuck in combat forever or until you die. The guards are stupid anyway..lagging all over the place.. at least for me.
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  • frozywozy
    I haven't had this in about a year but after the patch this morning I logged in and got into a battle and have been stuck in combat ever since. I tried reloading UI and everything but it won't let me out of combat. It was like that for about 30 minutes and finally I had to do a force quit. This happening to anyone else?

    you're joking right?

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    • Change emperorship to value faction score points and not alliance points - see this and this
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    • Change Retreating Maneuvers to apply only to 12 players and give it the Streak treatment
    • Add 2 more quickslots to the wheel or add a different wheel for sieges weaponry only
    • Gives players 10 minutes to get back into Cyrodiil after relogging / crashing
    • Increase Forward Momentum snare immunity duration to 8 seconds
    • Assign specific group sizes to specific campaigns (24-16-8)
    • Make forward camps impossible to place near objectives
    • Add an escape move to templars other than mist form
    • Fix crashes when approaching a keep under attack
    • Make snares only available from ground effects
    • Change emperorship to last minimum 24hours
    • Fix body sliding after cc breaking too quickly
    • Fix the speed drop while jumping - see video
    • Bring back dynamic ulti regeneration
    • Fix speed bug (abilities locked)
    • Lower population cap by 20%
    • Add Snare Immunity potions
    • Wtb dynamic population
    • Fix long loading screens
    • Bring ResSickness
    • Fix gap closer bug
    • Fix health desync
    • Fix combat bug
    • Fix server lag
  • Dreyloch
    Yeah. combat bug still happens. Usually when there's a good amount of lag going on as well. There was a patch some time ago and right after that it was really great. Healers not stuck in combat so they could mount, and the group could move on etc.

    Kinda funny how this isn't reported much on the PvE side eh? I mean seriously, it's been so long now, it's just another crappy "feature".
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  • Kagukan
    Get the bug often, almost every night I play.
  • Thraben
    Had this even on the PTS, with like 3 other players on the whole server. Had to run from Arrius to the new Outpost just to see it,

    The Get-Stuck-While-running bug is worse, though.
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  • Soul_Demon
    Pretty consistently getting it.....since patch. Even turned it in and was told 'Get it on video' but we all know that is just a brush off. One of the most irritating problems in the game for sure in my opinion- 6 seconds of no combat and you are supposed to be out of combat-
  • BRogueNZ
    You only need to be sitting at transit and for someone to respawn whose been in combat, almost like residual AOE on their reincarnated corpse. Nothing better than finding some remote part of a keep just to swap skills and gear about.
  • Katahdin
    Yup happened to me yesterday.

    Had to end the process via task manager and relog to get it to stop
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  • Ackwalan
    It's irritating when you turn in a kill quest in your home base, then can't port out because you are stuck in combat.
  • Spartabunny08
    Everyday yes. This game is so broke.
  • RaddlemanNumber7
    Me, especially in Cyrodiil, on all my characters, several time a day. Annoying.
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  • geonsocal
    had to run from sejanus to almost cropsford earlier this week...

    I feel like even my mounts hate having to travel all over cyrodiil at times...
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  • bottleofsyrup
    @ZOS_BrianWheeler Can something please be done about this? Been stuck in combat for 20 minutes, tried crouching and everything; nothing works. Can't even transit.
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  • DisgracefulMind
    spell sym and jump off a high place and then respawn, usually does the trick. it's HoTs and netch that are the worst offenders /:
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  • PunkAben
    22 spril 2019
    Still not fixed !
    Make and correct software is not Zenimax best ability.
    is it the software developers who are nuts or those who hired software developers who are nuts ?
    At least Zenimax dont make the system for my payment.
  • zyk
    I spoke with Rob about the fast release of updates and if ZOS had considered doing a “Great Fix Patch” for one of their updates. He said it’s a question they get a lot and whilst it’s not off the table they as a company do need to produce for everyone and a majority of the bugs and issues faced are not ones everyone encounters or are drastically halting gameplay, as such they need to continue creating content for people who want new content to play and and don’t play at the higher level to notice if a skill or mechanic works a little wonky.
    ZOS probably considers this bug to be a little wonky.

    Worse than SOE.
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  • Marcus684
    On my bow builds, Draining Shot is a guaranteed stuck-in-combat culprit. If I hit someone with it, but they end up escaping, I’m guaranteed to be stuck in combat for at least 5 minutes, and probably longer. Almost makes me want to unslot it. Almost...
  • Mudcrabber
    I was stuck for several minutes the first day of the event, traveling east of Vlastarus, nothing in sight in any direction. There was an initially enemy player near the quest giver, but they went another direction, and I got an unexpected load screen while riding away (already on horseback), barely 1 second. Then the in-combat persisted no matter how far I rode.

    I had time to write a bug report and submit it, and it didn't go away until I finally did a /reloadui. I think the load screen glitch had something to do with preventing in-combat from ending.
  • Stratforge
    Its bad :(
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