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exploration significance alliance war /ruleset campaigns

I don't know how I do it,but each time I go to cyrodiil to do delves,quest and skyshards
I end up doing keeps as nobody else seems to be interested in the "pve side" in cyrodiil.
Infact,they think of players who want to do delves and explore cyrodiil as dead weight in the alliance war.
When asked if someone likes to join in cyrodiil for it ,they even sling "pve hero" as some kind of insult to your head lol

Now i think if ,for example, an alliance would gain score points if a member manages to claim a skyshard or kill delve bosses.Things would be very different.
As delves would gain a significance in the alliance war.
maybe delve boss could not only drop siege weapons ,but also grant a monster trophy boon to the alliance that last killed the delve boss? the alliance that last killed a delve boss could gain a score boost, like in spikeball or something...
Because as it is now you might as well separate pve and pvp ,as pvp players think players who are there for delves and exploration are a plague on the server population.Nobody is interested,nobody wants to help out with it.
But in reality I believe it would be better if the exploration part of cyrodiil would gain a significance in the alliance war.
More variety and more ways in which players can contribute to the war.

Different objective campaigns might be cool too.
Like a campaign where all the scroll need to be in a sanctuary locked away by day 15 ,or the world eater alduin spawns..those kind of variations

Maybe add Tel var stones in the mix;if x delveboss trophies owned by the alliance, telvar stones are unlocked in cyrodiil
12 or so delve boss trophies are required to unlock tel var acquisition in cyrodiil itself for your respective alliance ,outside sewers and city

Or how about this:
If an alliance owns x amount of delveboss trophies ,they unlock a kennel/pen next to the forward camp.
So they could summon alliance specific creatures to help during keep fights
Like Pact:Mammoth
AD: senche
DC : dogs
Edited by Tipsy on August 27, 2018 1:10PM
  • VaranisArano
    Delve bosses do have some minor impact on the Alliance War. Killing a delve boss grants you a 20% AP buff Blessing of War for an hour.

    Normally that's just an individual thing, but anyone pushing for Emperor will try to keep the buff up as much as possible. I don't expect that many players do go grab the buff outside of emp pushes, but there is some incentive for PVPers to do so.

    In my experience, I was able to get all the skyshards on Vivec solo in an afternoon. Fishing took a lot longer and I haven't bothered with delve bosses.

    As for adding other events to Cyrodiil, I would prefer the devs concentrated on making PVP actually work well first. Frankly, I'm in Cyrodiil to fight other players and win the campaign, not some AI World Boss Alduin or whatever. Its cool that you want to PVE, but I don't think that Cyrodiil needs more PVE elements.
  • Tipsy
    yes but the idividual AP gain for delve bosses adds nothing to the overall alliance war..and the players who are interested in all that cyrodiil has to offer, are frowned upon & regarded with disapproval.As they are "not actively involving themselves" in the ongoing war efforts.
    Those that identify themself as active pvp players in cyrodiil would probably rather see the explorers removed from the campaign too,to make room for players that are "joiners" in the active ongoing war efforts.

    Cyrodiil has lot of potential in my view, I agree .But I think to actually make it work ,all content needs significance in cyrodiil's ongoing war.
    I wouldn't identify as pve or pvp player,just player.
    And now we have that mindset going on of "you either do keeps like a proper pvp player ,or you are just a pve hero that needs to go back to its 90 procent of pve content"

    To make it work they have to bring players closer together,not divide them as pvp vs pve players or vice versa.
    Cyrodiil could offer a lot for everyone's wishes.
    The keeps are nice and all.But they do get a little repetitive.More flavour could be added by bringing pve and pvp closer together.
    Sadly as it stands now. Its us vs them mentality/our wishes vs theirs. And only players that participate in keep fights are seen as "proper pvp players"
    and the rest spending time in cyrodiil is seen as dead weight
    Edited by Tipsy on August 27, 2018 1:07PM
  • Enkil
    Cyro needs love to be sure, but they need to fix basic bugs like invisible wall postern that breaks gameplay. Last thing we need is more PvE stuff in the one small corner of Tamriel where PvP is allowed. There was originally supposed to be open-world PvP zones adjacent to Cyro but they are now just PvE.

    It can still be explored and used for PvE, delves, etc. I recommend trying to find a few like-minded players in guild chats to go with and maybe do it on a less populated campaign.

    Ignore the juvenile punks in the Cyro zone chat. They try to sling petty insults at everyone.
    Edited by Enkil on August 27, 2018 8:21PM
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  • Tipsy
    Wouldn't mind people being able to wear pvp alliance shield over their head anywhere they go in Tamriel if they desire to.
    Is it overall a certain resentment going on here with the PVP population toward environment?
    "pve has wronged pvp quite enough ,it has driven us in a corner and taken away our playfield," in your reply (but in general that seems to be the idea people have regarding it)
    while in reality ,in open world pvp ,pve is the stage;the setting,and i agree that Cyro needs love.
    But because it needs love and pve and pvp go hand in hand here ,I disagree that "the last thing needed is more environmental stuff in cyro"
    Even more so: PVP and PVE need to be brought more in synch in Cyro I think

    Pve marked as a boogieman for cyrodiil is pretty destructive in the end,as it would prevent improvement in the area.
    like they say;holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die"
    in this case,holding on to the idea that pve causes harm to Cyro ,would greatly prevent Cyro from improving
    Bug fixes are indeed required too

    yes,I guess in zone chat it were petty insults.But still a lot of disdain for even mentioning delves in zone chat for example .
    The problem is that part of what could improve Cyro is being vilified
    Edited by Tipsy on August 28, 2018 1:58AM
  • Sacredx
    As it stands, pveing in Cyrodiil is in crude terms being "dead-weight". This is purely from the game design point of view. pve players take up faction population, which in peak times could impact the outcome of the campaign.

    Should there be pve in Cyrodiil? Yes, players should be given the incentive to come to pvp zone and try it out. It opens up new doors for people to come and pvp more.
    Should pve contribute to the campaign score? Yes, otherwise you go back to the current "pve is dead-weight" approach and close the door for new potential pvp players.

    Until these issues are addressed the pve community is basically "soft-locked" out.
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  • VaranisArano
    Every time the PVE-only crowd comes out to Cyrodiil to do PVE, such as the Anniversary festival dailies, they complain when PVPers kill them while doing quests.

    Other PVE players often ask how they can signal pacifistic intent while they are PVEing in a PVP zone.

    Sure, ideally, players would be happy to mix PVE and PVP. Imperial City was all about that idea.

    Imperial City is also practically empty. PVEers complain when PVPers kill them in PVP zones and ask for PVE-only versions of Cyrodiil and IC.

    In my opinion, adding more PVE to Cyrodiil serves very few people, just like Imperial City. PVE-only players won't appreciate giving PVP players even more reasons to interfere with their PVE in Cyrodiil. PVP players might appreciate more objectives, but we're generally here for the player vs player, not player vs delve NPCs. Sure, there are probably some players who would love a mix of PVE and PVP, but frankly if there aren't enough of those players to keep the Imperial City alive outside of their Anniversary/Midyear Mayhem, there isn't enough to cater to when it comes to changing Cyrodiil.
  • Tipsy
    To me PVE and PVP are just modes
    And open world pvp is the marriage of both in my view

    if the general believe that pve players are just dead-weight (which they currently are viewed as in Cyro,like Sacredx points out,as they just "take space/alliance population" away)
    or that pvp players " should not interfere with your pve"
    Splitting up the pve and pvp experience would be the only thing that makes sense (but would definetly NOT bet a good idea just to be clear here)
    Cause who in their right mind would stick in a relation where there is no interaction & just annoyances towards each other?
    Players might not know what they want in Cyrodiil ,so it is hard to tell what to cater to.
    But the only thing that can possibly improve Cyrodiil is a further mixing of PVE and PVP
    As openworld pvp is both

    And I see PVE more as the possibilities in Cyro;what the playground has to offer content & feature-wise,the "open world" in which PVP is meant to happen.
    I enjoy my times in Cyrodiil yet notice a lot of room for improvements.
    The "us vs them" thinking does more harm than good.
    Edited by Tipsy on August 28, 2018 10:38AM
  • Enkil
    I don’t disagree with your points in general. I wanted an Elder Scrolls mmo since early 2000s and hoped it would have been an open world Dynamic PvP-enabled map with guilds competing for prime real estate in all parts of Tamriel to construct player guild cities. However, the devs went with this odd alliance war contrivance, chopped up Cyrodiil province as the stage with some generic copy and paste keeps, and segregated PvP from PvE from my the beginning.

    Edited by Enkil on August 28, 2018 10:56AM
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  • Tipsy
    Maybe expedition dailies would be nice:
    pretty much like how players do the worldboss dailies ,in cyrdiil you'd have dailies for the bosses and dailies for the delves.
    Next to motif ,you can unlock new options for the alliance war when x amount of them gets completed by small and large groups alike.

    Completing those and collection certain boss trophies could unlock all kinds of cool new keep upgrades (like the kennel idea i added to OP)

    but also the style of keeps could be transformed ,
    Like when owned by EP,the keep could be transformed in the style of a large nord home (for EP)
    which has extra resistance towards the ice catapults and other option,like throwing beer kegs on enemies instead of boiling oil...Or a dunmer keep in that typical style with fire resistance but less plagueball resistance etc
    While AD could transform the keep to one of the castle styles in Alinor.
    or imagine a keep in this style
    Some lore people say that Cyro was supposed to be a jungle around this time.So the argonian castle that unlocks poison dart cannons etc might do the trick :D
    Its not hard to see how PVE could improve Cyro,and offer more features
    Edited by Tipsy on August 28, 2018 11:06AM
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