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Waiting on agent over 2 days

I opened up a ticket and agent told me: "I have gone ahead and escalated your ticket to a specialized team that will help handle your account. Another agent will be in touch shortly".
I've been waiting another agent over 2 days... Is my ticket bugged or something? What to do?
Ticket # 180725-001068
EDIT: After 5 days of waiting, I closed this ticket and opened a new one
Edited by datoie1121 on July 30, 2018 7:46PM
  • datoie1121
    anybody here?
  • datoie1121
    no answer for nearly 4 days... Somebody told me that my ticket will be deleted after 48 hours, so anybody here can prevent that?
  • kyle.wilson
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  • datoie1121
    I don't understand. Why do they ignore me? Am I doing something wrong? I can't access to my eso account for nearly a week now... I lost 3 crown crates from daily rewards, pvp event bonuses and they don't respond...
  • ZOS_BillE

    We have sent you a message with details on your open ticket.
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