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Did the PTS Reset/Wipe?

I downloaded the PTS and created a couple of 720 test characters but these characters and my character copies from Live (Jan 5? copies) are gone. I was able to login to the PTS but was directed immediately to new character creation. I made a new 720 test character. Logging off only showed that character, none of my clones or previous 720s. Did the PTS reset? Is there a way to reload Live characters? Is there a PTS reset date yet? Thxs
  • Sixty5
    PTS runs two cycles, the first 2 weeks, NA accounts are copied over, and the second 2 weeks EU characters are copied over.

    So yeah, the PTS changed over mid-January.
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  • ghastley
    Fresh copy over from live was expected, but this was a wipe. I had all chars from Jan 5 copy disappear, too. Had to create new. Since I wanted to check out the new level-up system with a new toon anyway, it wasn't an issue for me, but others' mileage may vary.

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