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First home? (Requesting recommendations thread)

  • woufff
    Twin Arches is just great, best value for money on the lower end for me. Everything fits, inside outside, love it.

    If there is a bit more money to spend I would consider Hunding's Palatial Hall, gorgeous property, seaside, tons of space inside & outside, balcony, beach - if I didn't own it I'd buy it immediately B)
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  • Nocturnal_Annoyance
    My first home was Ravenhurst in Rivenspire. It's close to the wayshrine and along the river there are a few treasure chests that spawn. It has a nice outdoor space and with ESO+ it has 400 slots. Housing can be an absolute gold sink and if you're unsure of it, start with a smaller home. I'm now in Hundings Palatial Hall, not the best location but it is absolutely beautiful. Not particularly a fan of any of the manors, so I doubt I will ever make that move and I refuse to pay crowns for a house, I'll be at Hundings for quite a while.
  • Rawst
    You can start now by getting the free inn rooms (Mara's Kiss, Rosy Lion and the pact one, plus the one in Vivec city if you started a char there). That way you can take a look at how housing works and see if you like it.

    Gardner House in Wayrest is nice because it's a 3-story house (with a garden) in a big city, conveniently located but expensive, still, great for city life.

    My first home was Autumn's Gate and I loved it (didn't want to spend on anything bigger since I was saving up for Grand Topal Hideaway). Not that expensive, you get a house and a garden with a sturdy stone fence and a nice view once you build over it.

    You can create some real crazy stuff with housing, I say at least give it a try. You also don't have to build all decoration for yourself, you can buy them if you have the gold.
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  • notmeta
    i'm new and i went with a cheap snugpod in grahtwood right next to crafting stations and respecing stations and the undaunted enclave until i can afford something bigger and better, only 45000 gold
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  • LMar
    Argonian houses are actually quite spacious and nice (and cheap). And @tinythinker you can place replica Hist trees yes. And the mnemic egg though it is expensive
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  • Glurin
    It really depends on what you're going for, as well as your budget. If you really want that Argonian theme, there's always the mud huts that are, you know, Argonian. ;)

    If you're looking for something basic, the small Khajiit home, Moonmirth, is about as basic of a layout as you can get. Pretty much just a box with a high ceiling. Which means you don't have to work around little nooks or fireplaces or whatnot while decorating. No yard either, so no need to worry about landscaping. At the moment I'm using it as a furniture warehouse for overflow and things I haven't decided what to do with yet.

    Architecturally, the houses I like are the Imperial ones. I also like the Khajiit homes, and somewhat fond of Forsaken Stronghold.
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  • Tommy_The_Gun
    The choice of your first home should be purely aesthetic & cosmetic... but if you want the best house for the lowest possible price then there are only 4 categories here:
    - Location - as close to nearest way-shrine as possible.
    - Utility - as close to nearest city / bank / crafting station / merchant / etc. as possible.
    - Furniture limit - the more the better.
    - Price - the cheaper the better

    Here is a list of all houses available in game:

    The Ample Domicile seems to be the cheapest (195K gold) house with 200 furniture cap and it is relatively close to nearest bank, merchant, crafting stations and way-shrine.
  • Gargath
    Forsaken Stronghold is also my type for a decent home. Cost a bit over a milion gold afaik.
    The feeling of a lord in it's own ancient orcish stronghold, with vast exterior and interior, plenty of space for your immagination. You are free to build anything on the valley on the left side, like a cavern, prison or a copy of this large rock hanging over Vivec City :).

    My advice, restrain yourself from using crowns for purchase of house or furnitures, the easy way in obtaining homes can spoil much of the fun from playing and earning gold. Way better is to struggle in many ways to first get the gold then spend it on something really huge, like your own fortress. Easy ways are boring.

    I also now regret I spent gold on my first homes, which were Humblemud in BalFoyen and then Grymharth's Woe in Windhelm. Once I got the Forsaken Stronghold I forgot the previous homes, and with inability to sell homes they were waste of gold. Buying multiple homes is also pointless.
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  • Liofa
    Class Representative
    Hunding's Palatial Hall is the best house in my opinion . I don't even consider buying other houses , even though they are really good . They don't have a beach so ...
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  • greylox
    I went with Stay Moist mansion for my first and the Island is now my main, both Argonian themed. Stay moist is particularly nice imo.
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  • OutLaw_Nynx
    I just bought Twin Arches... I have very little money and used the crown sale to justify it. I didn't want to be overwhelmed with decorating, especially with my limited funds anyway. So I didn't want some huge estate that would remain mostly empty. I really wanted something cozy and also useful -- I'd like to put crafting stations there and anything else that's useful.

    I think Twin Arches has an amazing layout for the smaller sized plots. I looked at every one of them. I love how I can have a tiny garden to decorate, without it being huge. And the inside is just such a nice layout IMHO.

    I’m thinking about ditching my massive house to go back to Twin Archs. Much homier and easy to decorate.
  • srfrogg23
    My first house was Black Vine Villa. It’s relatively cheap, about 70k-ish, and it has a decent sized courtyard with an open floor-plan for the most part.

    I recommend it as a good starter home to get a feel for whether or not you want to get into housing because of its price and flexibility.

    If you have the Imperial upgrade, or the Crowns, Domus Phrasticus is another really good option for about 300k, for the same reasons as above (only much larger).

    I’m using the Forsaken Stronghold as my primary residence now, which I also recommend if you’re willing to save up 1,285,000 gold. It’s almost as large as the 4mil homes for a better price.
  • newtinmpls
    I say start with the free little rooms and see what you can do with them. It will give you ideas for later.
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  • Verbal_Earthworm
    go with Humblemud for Argonian village life with nearby crafting and bank.

    perhaps Ample Domicile or Staymoist Mansion if you can afford them.
  • Mister_DMC
    For the sake of argument what is best Grand house or whatever the name is. The biggest ones that are available for Gold, I'm not buying a house with crowns. My wife already has the daggerfall Castle so not that one I guess. Are there more than the three big ones? I haven't checked since Homestead first came out.
  • vanillexhope
    This is totally a personal preference, but I didn't take into account as much as some with the wayshrine being close by the home I bought. I use the free inn room I got because it's right next to a shrine instead.
  • hana1015
    I'm pretty new to this game and just saved up 66k gold. I wonder if buying Autumn's Gate is a good choice? Or maybe I should save up a bit more to buy a medium-sized house so I can get 100 more furnishing limits?
    I kinda want the house in Windhelm but it doesn't have a garden. :( The manor in Riften looks the best to me but wow it costs over a million gold.
  • code65536
    srfrogg23 wrote: »
    If you have the Imperial upgrade

    This is no longer a requirement for Domus Phrasticus and the Cyrodilic Jungle House.

    In the CwC patch, they removed the achievement requirements from all of the medium and smaller houses. This included removing the Imperial Edition requirement. Strident is now the only home that requires Imperial.

    And yes, Domus Phrasticus is a fantastic medium-sized home. I had almost forgotten about it! One of my favorites of that size.
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  • Invoca
    I like Humblemud. It's cheap relatively speaking, close to conveniences in Dhalmora and for it's price and size it has a rather large garden.

    I chose it as my first home and I'm really pleased with it. I like the argonian architecture, and the relatively small size makes it quite cosy and not as huge of a task to furnish. Think there's even a hist tree furnishing somewhere. Whoever said Shadowfen achievment is probably right.
  • tinythinker
    Thanks for the insights. I am looking at each comment thoughtfully. I managed to preview all of the current massive houses as per the Crown Store grouping, and while the one in Orsinium had cool pools and waterfalls and views, the floor plan wasn't too great. In that tier of homes, Earthtear felt the best going just on a quick gut impression.

    I only made it about halfway though the middle tier in terms of Crown Store groupings before getting an invite for trials, and there was a clear distinction between convenient location and spaciousness/layout. Looking roughly at the first half of that group, starting from the top, my "quick tour gut reaction" based soley on layout and aesthetics favored the two Vvardenfell houses (Ald Velothi Harbor House for verticality around a spiral and great view and still with a yard and Amaya Lake Lodge for layout of the yard, verticality with the nice exterior spaces on the way up, and the tiny private area at the top). This tier brought Forsaken Stronghold (spaciousness, waterfall, and interior design in terms of horizontal and vertical layout) to my attention, along with Mournoth Keep (again good layout of house but no waterfalls or similar views like Forsaken), and Hunding's Palatial Palace (though really just for the ocean sounds).

    I still need to look at the other homes in that tier and in the tier of small homes, but so far I seem to like things like nice views (especially waterfalls and oceans), vertical space for the house itself with decks and patios more than horizontal space for the indoor floorplan, and I seem to like a small room or space somewhat cutoff or isolated from the others. For homes with an exterior/yard, again, I seem to prefer it not too crowded pre-furnishings, with some versatility that offers more space around the house rather than on one side. Or at least those are the themes I am seeing so far. I will edit later if/when I can view more homes. Haven't seen any Argonian homes of any size yet I don't think so hopefully soon.

    Realistically, for the time being, since I've played much less in 2017 (especially the latter half) and never spent much time making gold, I will probably be stuck with the free inn rooms I acquired when housing dropped, which each have one piece of purchased furniture that I acquired to complete the housing quest. But, better to get advice and recommendations and plan ahead to see what I will need in the future, so thanks again for continuing to be so helpful. I will keep reading your comments and pondering where to go.

    Oh and I am an achievement hunter but I am willing to start off modestly since I will be going slowly anyway.
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  • TonyRockaroni
    Aliyavana wrote: »
    Amaya lake lodge, nice yard space and inside as well. You can put your argonian characters as slaves as an argonian owning a dunmer home is wrong

    I'm an Argonian who owns Tel Galen with a Hist Tree planted in the back. ;P
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  • TonyRockaroni
    I would go with Hunding's Palatial Hall. It isn't TOO expensive, it's quite spacious for not being a manor, AND it has its own private beach. Trust me, it can be difficult to beat an ocean view! :3

    If you wish to prioritize your Argonians, however (nothing wrong with that, marsh friend ;) ), then depending on how much you'd be willing to spend, I'd go with the Ample Docile or Stay-Moist Mansion.
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  • Glurin
    For homes with an exterior/yard, again, I seem to prefer it not too crowded pre-furnishings, with some versatility that offers more space around the house rather than on one side.

    If you're worried about the pre-existing furnishings clogging up your creativity, just do what I did. Buy the home, go into the retrieve item menu, pick up everything and stuff it all in that free inn room you get when you do the housing quest.

    Don't worry, the innkeeper won't mind. Much.

    Might complain a little about the giant tree poking up through the ceiling...
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  • keto3000
    I finally acquired a target dummy that a friend kindly crafted for me so I think it's time for me to get a small house w/a yard. I will probably go with the TWIN ARCHES home, however, the interior natural lighting is SO dark and the roof seems inaccessible. Any solutions out there?
    I just bought Twin Arches... I have very little money and used the crown sale to justify it. I didn't want to be overwhelmed with decorating, especially with my limited funds anyway. So I didn't want some huge estate that would remain mostly empty. I really wanted something cozy and also useful -- I'd like to put crafting stations there and anything else that's useful.

    I think Twin Arches has an amazing layout for the smaller sized plots. I looked at every one of them. I love how I can have a tiny garden to decorate, without it being huge. And the inside is just such a nice layout IMHO.
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  • vanillexhope
    I haven’t delved into much decor as of yet, so I can’t advise there. I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread though, hoping someone can illuminate the situation ....
  • Ithilis
    My criteria for house was simple: it needs to have a garden/yard. So I went for the Black vine villa. It has a garden where you enter before you enter the home itself. Some houses have garden in the back, where you enter through your house. Let's be honest, who will visit there? This way your visitors will be stunned with the garden before entering the house :)

    As for Argoninan first home I really recommend Humblemud. It costs only 40 000 gold, making it really cheap considering that it does have a reasonable living area AND a garden. The garden is in the back, so first you enter through the house which is why I didn't go for this home but the garden is really spacious so you can built your statue park/stable/torture chamber whatever in the back.
    Other downside is the round shape of the living quarters. It is difficult to aesthetically align furniture around. I mean, how many curved furniture there are?
    But considering the price this home would be really nice first home.
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  • Nerouyn
    It's impossible to make a sensible recommendation not knowing your finances and what you're after in a home.

    For brand new players Snugpod and Humblemud are great. Snugpod has a horse trainer, merchant (for selling and repairs) right outside and not too far away there's a thieve's den with a fence and banker just inside. Humblemud has a hut nearby with all crafting stations, merchants and banker.

    Beyond that just stroll around in them (with preview) and see what feels like home.

    And don't worry too much about whether there's a wayshrine nearby. Teleport to your house. Do whatever you need. Preview any unowned home. Instantly walk out its front gate. Boom. You're back where you were before you teleported to your house. This apparently isn't an exploit.
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