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Haderus Imperial City Arboretum Nights

I'm not sure if anyone here remembers Haderus arboretum at night
back when ic had infinite repawns.

I wish ZENI would bring that back.
So I can endlessly throw myself into fights.

  • NightbladeMechanics
    Memorial District at IC launch was the OG. At least on PC/NA.
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    Here's a great thread collecting community ideas for PvP updates.

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    Heck, even PTS has a crowded arboretum lol and that's PTS...
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  • zyk
    I have fond memories of Memorial, but it got old fast and players stopped playing it for that reason.

    Think of FPS games like the Battlefield series. If they had gameplay mechanics like IC, would they have been as popular for so long? Not likely. So many of ESO's mechanics are straight from the 90s; but even then, devs, both professional and amateur, knew better than to allow players to attack from inaccessible respawn locations.
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  • Subversus
    Yeah, arboretum was the spot to come and instantly go in some pvp action on PC EU, at least for a while.
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