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Home Decorators For Hire?

  • Magdalina
    Aurelle1 wrote: »
    Magdalina, that is fantastic :)

    Do you have other homes you can post pics of?

    I have my own small Autumn's Gate, I'll take some pictures for you in a bit :)
    Glad you like o:)
  • Silufadumar
    @Opticon you've not said what system you play on (I'm on Xbox), to get direct help with your decorating or invites to view other players homes for inspiration, we (the community) need to know what platform you play on.

    I think there are quite a few people regardless what system your on, that would be willing to help you out, some may want payment, while others would likely do it just for fun. Asking here on the forums is a good place to start, but I would check with your guildmates for help also. Not a member of a guild! Use the forum to find some and join a few.

    Lastly, wether you want to try your hand at it yourself or want ideas to pass on to your decorator, take a look on YouTube where you can find many inspiring creations.
  • anitajoneb17_ESO
    @Magdalina :

    That looks very, very nice, I have to give you that ! Congratulations :)
  • Sticky_Paws
    I actually do housing decoration for others but I work with the home owner to figure out what they are looking for (style/theme) and what kinda budget they have in mind for the finished look. I have acted as a style consultant and made suggestions/edits for things that appear (off or floating).

    Its reallt pretty enjoyable but I havent used it for profit.
  • CoyoteNZ
    I have somebody who decorates my houses for me.

    They email me all the stuff, I place it in either the house or the yard, and then they place and make it look cool.

    It would be a lot better/easier if they were able to actually place things themselves, rather than emailing them to me so I can place them and then have them move them.

    They are master crafter in all crafts and collect lots of designs.
  • FloppyTouch
    If fact I have made a bunch of money making large Pokémon from rocks for people courtyards. They go out buy a bunch of rocks lay them out and I build it then they tip me. One friend even gave me 100k gold to build a large onix that he could climb on. It took awhile to build but looked cool.
  • SSlarg
    if you are looking for that "haunted" look

    I am that guy lol
    PS4 NA PSN - SSlarg
    Currently Looking To Buy:
  • OmniDo
    I also do decoration upon request, but I havent used it for profit, either.
    Fringe benefits from guild leaders perhaps, or a favor here and there, but not for a lump sum of gold.
  • Sheyta
    Well I been decorating house as a job before
    I been in EQ & swg decorating houses for a fee however for a high fee even real cash fee.

    Those who are interested to look at my house can send me a private msg.

    Well did a poll about intrest in decorators here
    Edited by Sheyta on August 12, 2017 5:49PM
    Im not a Fanboi and I not a worshipper of fanboism
    Thats why there may come critical post or comments from me becouse I think...
    'hint on'_its not illegal to think_ 'hint off'
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