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Natch Potes - Stupid Idea Bingo for 3.0.2

  • sneakymitchell
    Neighbor wrote: »
    All Classes Balance

    All classes have been renamed to Sorcerer. All abilities have been replaced with Sorcerer abilities.

    Developers Comment
    We wanted to balance all the classes and remove any diversity. The ceiling has now become the floor and the floor has become the ceiling. Git gud. Lulz n00bz.

    At this point, I'd be okay with that. At least then everyone would have an equal footing. They can call it Elder Sorcs Online

    Yup with the "Play the way you want to play" it's just stupid if u just keep ignoring diversity to builds. Light, medium, even heavy armor builds that want to do DPS. Heck even making hybrid builds are still dead. Who knows if anyone can make a DPS solution to hybrid builds. Like I play some other games and they got decent diversity to it. Even some that are MMOs. Should rename this game Elder Meta Online. Cause that's how it is everyday.
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  • colig

    Lightning Splash damage reduced by 1%. Reason: sorcerer DPS brought in line with other classes.


    Puncturing Strikes cost increased by 25%. Reason: players spam this skill too much. Increasing its cost should give templars more diversity in their skill choices.


    Dark Talons immobilize duration reduced to 1 second. Reason: players spamming this skill in PvP is not fun. Who cares about PvE?


    Ambush: removed Major Empower. Reason: we just hate Nightblades and their ganking.
  • lunalitetempler
    This isnt natch Potes thread!
  • cragontheone
    stupid idea, how about that we will fix bugs and leave everyting else alone<3
  • Durham
    Stam DK delete option in exchange for crown store drink..

    PVE Eternal Destiny
    Shield Fatigue
    Activating a second damage shield ability within 4s of activating one will double the cost of the second.

    Developer's Comments
    The cost of shields even with our sustain changes has proved not sufficient to stop shield stacking from being too prominent a feature so this will apply the very successful dodge/streak penalty to shield stacking and create the possibility of more counter-play.
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  • skwherl
    f*ck everyone : this passives drains 20000 magicka, stamina and health every second, if you are logged in for more than 5 seconds, this will be part of all racial passives and automatically unlocked so you don't need to spend a skillpoint on it
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  • Minalan
    aeowulf wrote: »



    We have reduced the chance for Nightblades to catch fish.

    Developer Comment
    We have noticed all Nightblades had taken up fishing. To balance the competition at the fishing spots we have completely removed the chance for Nightblades to catch fish. This can be considered a buff if you don't fish.

    This. Is awesome. :lol:


  • Teridaxus
    No suggestions for warden buffs in this thread? :)
  • Strider_Roshin
    No suggestions for warden buffs in this thread? :)

    After playing as one, not a chance.
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  • Elsterchen



    Rite of Passage (and morphs) We adjusted the Animation during 3 of the 4 seconds channeling time of this ultimate . Instead of fighting all NPCs in zone will show a unique "roll-on-flor-laughing"-Animation during this phase. Needless to say, all NPCs will gain minor and major protection, too, reducing the damage they take by 38% for 10 seconds. Afterwards all NPCs will be aggro to the caster for 5 seconds.

    The Practiced Incantation morph will increase rofl-time to 5 of the 6 seconds channeling time, double the damage reduction of the minor and major protection and increases the time all NPCs will stay aggro to 7 seconds.

    developers comment
    We really felt that templars do need a unique skill outside their OP healing. Adding to it we felt the templars ability to tank and hold aggro was slightly underrepresented in the templars skillline. Thats why we thought up this very unique new properties to an overly unused ultimate, providing a very powerfull tanking tool to templars. Oh, the idea for the animation sequence was stolen from active enemie-player behavior while this ability is used in PVP. We therefore strongly encourage PVP players to give this ability a try in PVE endgame content, too. They will notice no difference and might feel right at home in PVE too!
  • Minalan
    The 3.0.2 patch notes are probably taking so long because the devs are probably watching this thread and are busy erasing the code stupidity when many of these posts are right.

  • MyKillv2.0

    WARDEN CLASS, Every Single Healing Ability
    This class has been given the Major Mending 100% of the time and applies to all heals

    Developer Comment
    Originally intended to be a buff that applies only to heals on fellow players under 40%, a former ESO streamer reported at his fictional character's funeral that the healing passive was a "100% up time buff given to the Class as part of our P2W promotion for Morrowind". Out of respect to this streamer and his fictional character (condolences sent by the way on behalf of the entire staff, we would have sent flowers to the services but would not take our request seriously due to a disbelief that anyone would ever actually hold a funeral for a fictional video game character...totally a L2P issue on their part) we have honored his wishes and given the class Major Mending actually 100% of the time, no matter the health of the recipient. After all, we would not have wanted to lose such a valuable member of our community for reasons that are in no ways accurate and so have altered our initial plans to mirror his previously reported statement. In fact, we are currently discussing in a meeting later this week an idea to possibly offer DOUBLE Major Mending exclusively to the Warden Class as part of our P2Warden Promotion. We will release future details as they become available and remember to Enjoy Morrowind and the new Warden Class!

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  • Saturn
    "Buffed all light and heavy attack damage by 2000%."

    Developer Comment
    We felt that build diversity and fun was really ruining the experience for new players, so we made it super simple to pick up the DPS role since all you need to do now is just use basic weapon attacks to beat enemies. Further, we have decided to remove all skills from the game, since we really want to everyone to player the same way as the developers, who are obviously the best players at this game since they made it.

    Sorry... that was too real D:
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  • HugeMuffin
    Warden Animal Companion Skill Line

    Bull Netch

    When summoned within 45m of a cloaked nightblade, that nightblade is revealed and unable to turn invisible, stealth, or do anything except wait to die. If a nightblade is revealed, the warden and any non-nightblade allies are granted invisibility for 25 seconds and a 100% movement speed advantage.

    Developer Comment
    This is a nerf if you play nightblade and a buff to everyone else.

  • Mettaricana
    We have removed recovery stats from game and now all resource management comes from skills and potions and heavy attacks.

    Developer comment.

    We realize everyone wants high max stats with no recovery so we just removed recovery
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