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Official Discussion Thread for "An ESO Love Story"

Community Manager
This is the official discussion thread for the blog article An ESO Love Story. Every year on the 16th day of Sun's Dawn, love is celebrated across Tamriel for Heart's Day. Gaming has brought together many couples, and today, we'd like to share the love story of two players who met through The Elder Scrolls Online: Paul-Simon (@paulsimonps) and Jenna (@jenshady).
Gina Bruno
Community Manager - The Elder Scrolls Online
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  • Tyrion87
    Aww, how sweet :-) all the best to this couple of lovebirds!
  • Glaiceana
    Congratulations to you both, that was a really nice read too! :)
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  • Turelus
    Community Ambassador
    All the best to you both, a wonderful story. :smile:

    Maybe my cynical mind and heart will be a little more at ease tonight that there is still a chance of a random encounter like this for me. :sweat_smile:
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  • Ivehn
    What a beautiful story, many congratulations to the both of you!!! :smile:
  • MissBizz
    Community Ambassador
    Awwwww *insert happy tear here* Congrats!
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  • Jim_Pipp
    That was really nice to read, thanks to the happy couple for sharing their story. As it said in the article, congratulations on your real life ritual of Mara.
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  • Koolio
    Actually living with someone I met on Eso now. Good article.
  • code65536
    That's adorable. Congrats!
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  • kongkim
    Play ESO with my GF. But we did however not meet here :)
  • Rohamad_Ali
    Wow congratulations . Maybe now ZoS will let you share a primary residence but you can't complain if they don't because they brought you together irl .
  • Shepoffire
    Soul Shriven
    This is awesome I met someone in tamriel as well hopefully we can get to where you two are at some point in happy for both of you
  • Tess_Phyreforge
    a family that games together stays together!!
  • menedhyn
    That's a lovely story, and genuinely fantastic that a game like ESO can bring people together. My very best wishes to both of you :)
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  • jenshady
    Paulington wrote: »
    Congratulations @paulsimonps and @jenshady, :smile:, was awesome meeting you both.

    @Paulington It was awesome meeting you too!
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  • CireNesnomis
    Congrats! Great read and even better story. Wow! From separate countries makes this tale even better. What a unique story to share with kids and others many years from now. Happy for y'all. :)
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  • BaconOnThat
    Soul Shriven
    Lovely story. So glad RNG worked in your favor! Best of love and loot to you both.
  • paulsimonps
    Thank you all guys, it sure has been one heck of a ride.
  • Coolio_Wolfus
    Conga-rats on your situ based on a RNG random meeting and for providing ZoS a chance to add a feature to the Pledge of Mara - An option to both use the same primary residence as owners rather than owner and decorator. (details for ZoS to figure out.)
  • Majzkatten
    Wonderful story! Congrats! ❤❤❤
    Ah, ESO, first an awesome MMO, and now, an awesome dating site. Congratulations you two!
  • mountaincopper
    Soul Shriven
    I just got out of a really bad relationship, so this story made me smile. Thanks for sharing and best of luck in your future endeavors, both in game and outside of it!
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  • Alucu
    Conga-rats on your situ based on a RNG random meeting and for providing ZoS a chance to add a feature to the Pledge of Mara - An option to both use the same primary residence as owners rather than owner and decorator. (details for ZoS to figure out.)

    Oh my god, yes. We need that
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