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New, friendly 'older' player looking for a Guild

Soul Shriven
Hello all,

I'm brand new to ESO and am loving it. I'm a very friendly, slightly older player (45, East Midlands, Leicester area) and am looking for a friendly, helpful Guild to play PvE with. I don't enjoy PvP or WvW at all.
I really don't know much about the game yet, as I've only been playing for a few days, but I believe I need to join a Guild in order to trade goods as there is no 'Auction House' to speak of?
I have plenty of experience with WoW and GW2, so know the basics in ESO and am learning more as I go, but a friendly Guild would make a big difference.

I don't know how the social aspects of the game work yet, but am presuming I can receive in-game messages from anybody, so if you'd like to recruit a friendly, 'older' player to your Guild, please let me know.

Many thanks.
  • cyberjanet
    You need a trading guild in order to sell items, but not to buy. You can go to any guild store to buy, but you must Search for stuff in order to see anything. I was very confused when I first started, I thought all the stores were empty.

    I do have a guild with older players, but we are small and haven't unlocked trading yet. There is a recent post about it.
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  • failkiwib16_ESO
    Perhaps this guild is the right one for you: https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/303441/small-social-guild-seeks-older-laid-back-players#latest

    If you want trading, join a random trading guild that you see advertise in zonechat.
    -get Awesome Guildstore addon to see prices of individual items, and if your computer can handle it then Master Merchant addon too.
  • Zunkis
    We have just opened up our recruitment again =) plz whisp or mail me in game @Zunkis

    we are an active friendly guild with a familyfeeling we do pledges every day and trials ( learning trials and n trials )
    We use signup at our guildwebsite and discord as a voicechat..

    Everyone is welcome =)
    new to game returning players old players lowbies. =)

    We have pvp events every week

    The only requirement we have is u that u have to be mature player =) u can also apply on our website:


    welcome :)
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  • niawrathb16_ESO
    I see you have had plenty of fine offers for a guild, however I thought I would give you the option of joining The Reapers, specific to your requirements we regularly have a guild trader and a friendly social guild, we run regular events of all types of content and are happy to help and give advise as well.

    We do ask that you register on our website and we use Teamspeak 3 as our voice server.

    find out more www.thereapers.co.uk

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    May you have keen eyes and sharp scythes

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    The Reapers Guild are recruiting! We run regular events from Motif Gathering to PvP. We run weekly N. Trials and achievement earning events. We have a website we require you to join us on and a Guild Hall with Transmute and Crafting Stations. We also have TS and Crafting Officers. We are a community we love to help so any experience is welcome. We are looking for people who join in! Jump in a group tag along to an event or play and chill in guild chat or on our Teamspeak channel. Really join in and get chub in our fishing events! Get "welcomed to the asylum" by whispering me
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