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Any single player currently has the ability (as it is within the bounds of the code of the game) to fight,
to form relationships with other players in other alliances,
to create characters in multiple alliances and multiple campaigns,
to form guilds within their own alliance, or cross-alliance,
to impact the tides of war.

At the end of the day, a single player likely can't impact a campaign as much as a guild master of a large guild. Likewise, a single alliance GM has less influence over a campaign than a larger cross-alliance GM.
We already have an impossibly complex web of relationships between players, leaders, GMs... that nobody truly knows the full history of.

So what's a player to do? Join a guild to learn the basics of PvP? Probably a good idea if you're learning - to make yourself more effective
Find the most powerful/influencial guild and join them? You can certainly learn a lot more from them, though you may not have as much fun
Run around causing chaos by yourself? Certainly a lot of fun
Poke greater forces? Also fun

But given enough time... all players need a reason to continue to live and fight in this virtual world. Why not fight for the world?
ZOS will not keep servers alive if there is no monetary incentive to do so. There is a countdown upon Tamriel, and each player has an impact on increasing or decreasing it - whether they are guild masters or random players. Some have a larger impact than others..

So pick a side you want to be on: you either fight for this world or against it. So find out who your enemies are (hint: It's not EP/DC/AD or any other broadly encompassing term).

The rest is simply bickering between players, leaders, GMs around who did what when. Who cares, just play.

See ya out there

Edit: Don't take this too seriously :P if you don't know what I'm talking about, it doesn't concern you - just ignore it.
I'm just hoping the only role I need to play is the doomsday preacher, so I can get back to playing in peace... (I'd hate to have to get more involved)
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    I think this is a good post. Keep it up op. :) Don't let the negativity ruin your day on your posts. However. In my opinion. I have no enemy's in Scourge. Yes we re considered enemy's. But aren't we just not a color? I mean. I have and made friends from all 3 factions. Mostly EP. But I have been mostly fighting on AD. Tiny bit on DC. In a way use to be other way around. DC.

    About step 1. I am unable to choice. Because I love all the people who I met in Scourge. Eventhough most of all 3 alliances on Scourge PS4 EU not want me. I been told. But yet I choose to help low alliance. In a way. I was DC (Still have DC) I use to fight for EP. But EP has strong force. So now I been hanging out with AD.

    Besides going off of topic. I used to hate AD in Scourge. Don't ask me why. I use to always help EP with my DC. Long time ago. But when DC was no more in Old Scourge. I help EP for 1 week. But did 't like having all keeps. So hence I decide to help AD. (Thus I now help low faction alliance)

    But after I spent some time being AD and trying to get to know my Allies even more. I became to undrstand them slowly. I became attached. I came to love AD. I was so foolish about the hatred I had. For something I not understand.

    Being with AD in Scourge PS4 EU. Has changed me. Made me feel whole. Being AD cleared my mind. Now I don't hate anyone including AD. I love all factions now. But I was so foolish back then.

    Sorry for going off topic. Just something about this post remind of my days that I served on both old and new Scourge. It made me want to share. Thank you OP for this awesome post. Please keep it up.
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  • duuude9192b14_ESO
    lepemetus wrote: »
    We already have an impossibly complex web of relationships between players, leaders, GMs... that nobody truly knows the full history of.

    There are actually a few that come shockingly close to having this piece knowledge.

    Regardless, insightful post, although the title could have been more descriptive to draw in pugs (which I believe to be your majority target with this). Keep these goin.
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    This post was confusing as ***.
  • KenaPKK
    This post was insightful as ***.
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