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Which vet mode of the vanilla dungeons are you excited about the most (Update 12)?

  • Mady
    Vaults of Madness
    It's one of the best looking dungeons in ran in MMOs so far.

    But still waiting for dungeons as good as in The Lord Of The Rings Online. >:)
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  • Tremors
    Not gonna lie, if they make the veteran mode health of these dungeons similar to VDSA, bosses such as the final from black heart are gonna be a good time!
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  • code65536
    None - This is awful. It means the one set of shoulders I've spent months grinding to get, will be diluted to near impossible chance.

    Once there are a bunch of new shoulders on key rotation, the odds of getting the one you want significantly decreases.

    They are grouping the shoulders into separate chests so you can choose which shoulder pool you want, instead of dipping into the full selection.
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  • Minute_Waltz
    Vaults of Madness
    VoM is literally the only silver Im willing to run, and vVoM will be the first thing I do when I get on after update 12.
  • Dubhliam
    Blackheart Haven
    It's gonna be epic.
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