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Can we have a look at Nightblade passives?

  • Master_Kas
    Autolycus wrote: »
    Master_Kas wrote: »
    No as a both magicka and stamina nightblade since launch.

    It's not true that you can only use it for the initial shot.

    And knowing ZOS they would prob change it to something very weak.

    So no imo.

    Where else do you make use of this passive? Using a detect pot renders the passive completely ineffective. What other class can be robbed of a passive just by using a potion?

    Can you think of any examples in PvE content, outside of solo questing, where it is even remotely useful? Are you aware that endgame PvE content punishes people whose passives revolve around being invisible, because so many things have true sight? You can't even stealth in vMA, or vDSA, and never in the last 2 years have I seen an effective use of sneak or invisibility in a trial.

    We're talking about the entire ESO community that does more than just PvP here... And not all NBs who PvP build around perma-invis and bat swarm. Some of us actually like fighting people.

    @Husan This thread is intended to brainstorm alternatives. Having an attitude simply because someone suggested an alternative is childish. What's more childish is using Templars as a means to discredit a harmless brainstorming thread. I'm not even going to bother debating it with you, because it's clear you only see things in a narrow perspective and actually have no idea of how the class functions outside of Cyrodiil.

    @PlagueMonk I agree with a great deal of what you've said. I would add only to this part:
    PlagueMonk wrote: »
    Executioner is good for a mageblade but near worthless to a stamblade. I wouldn't want to remove the magicka component since mageblades like this ability but i would like to tweak it have a stamina component added to it.
    As a magblade I find this passive to be completely useless outside of PvP, and in PvP (where most people run recoveries) it's really unnecessary imho. I'd sooner see the whole passive reworked to something that benefits both magblades and stamblades, preferably something usable in all forms of content.

    I make use of it way more than it gets countered everyday in PvP.

    Initial shots, when you cloak up and heal (more weapdmg = stronger vigor and rally heals). Not even speaking of when I use batswarm on both magicka and stamina nightblade.

    Also everytime I cloak up for the surprise / concealed weapon stun it gets boosted. Sometimes I ambush -> cloak -> soul harvest for a extra strong soul harvest.

    And I don't do PvE so cannot answer on that part. PvPer here :)
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