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Fishing Bugs (Unofficial Fishing Issues Thread)

  • DAActon
    Soul Shriven
    I caught the Hag Fen Hagfish a few days ago in of all places.....Hag Fen.
  • Veyl
    Soul Shriven
    The Bilious Catfish has been the hardest for me to catch in the Dominion areas; super elusive I'm starting to wonder if it's just a myth, lol.
  • Bontox
    Hey guys!

    After investigation, the drop rate of these fishes (often stated as "hard to fish") are correct:
    • Tench – Stonefalls, Lake, minnow/guts
    • Hag Fen Hagfish – Glenumbra, Foul, crawlers/fish roe
    • Cambray Perch – Glenumbra, Lake, minnow/guts
    • Azurain Flounder – Glenumbra, Sea, chub/worms

    Good luck and be patient during your fishing journey!
    See you in Tamriel :)

    I caught a Cambray Perch today 25th december 2016.
  • Craziux
    Using the "Artaeum Pickled Fish Bowl" food buff while fishing with other players disables receiving ANY fish in Wrothgar's ocean.
    Edited by Craziux on April 14, 2019 4:29PM
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