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Harder Story/Quest Bosses

Original thread here: https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/549560/harder-main-story-bosses#latest

Most overland difficulty is honestly fine for casual- and hardcore players alike, just increase the HP of story related bosses so they have the chance to say their voice-lines and us their abilities. This gives the illusion that they actually pose the threat that they are supposed to represent during the build-up of the story and quests. The low HP of these specific bosses is really hampering the enjoyment of a lot of players and a simple solution would be to give quest/story bosses a little more HP.

Those complaining about the game becoming too hard will barely notice a difference and the people complaining about overland being too easy will get so overjoyed these specific bosses are no longer mudcrabs in disguise (because of the low HP) that they will not care about the HP of regular mobs.

You could also create a difficulty slider (only for these specific "story bosses") that gets introduced before/after the gargoyle fight in the tutorial. That would be a classic Bethesda move an everybody would be happy! How that would work on a technical level is probably very complicated so a simple HP increase would be the easier solution.

Let me know what you guys think! Have you ever felt like the root cause for players complaining about the overland content being too easy/boring is because they got so disappointed by a final boss being killed too fast?
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  • ArchMikem
    I do tend to defeat a lot of big baddies mid monologue.
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  • Erickson9610
    I think the easiest solution is to scale enemy health off of player offensive stats, and enemy damage off of player defensive stats. A player with low offensive power and low defensive power would face an enemy with low health and low damage, while a player with high offensive power and high defensive power would face an enemy with high health and high damage.
  • KapiteinBoterham
    @tomofhyrule Don't you find it sad that you have to play other singleplayer games to experience the very basic/common feeling you get from defeating a challenging enemy in an (MMO)RPG? I am talking about bosses that entire zones are dedicated to about how evil and powerful they are! It's such a slap in the face of the players (and writers) really!

    I'm am here to offer my opinion not to offer a watertight solution for the problem, that's ZOS' job. After seeing the thread dating back to November 2021 focusing on ALL of overland i found it necessary to put my finger on the true problem (the quest/story boss' HP).

    Also can we keep the reply's more concise please? In case an actual dev is gonna read this, we dont want them to get fatigued from reading a lot of text. Especially after the holidays!
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  • Hapexamendios
    As long as it's optional. First time doing I'd probably enjoy it. Taking alt characters through to get the skill points would get tedious. Just want to blow through them on those runs.
  • KapiteinBoterham
    @Hapexamendios What would have to be optional (the exta HP?). Creating this option would take the devs extra time and resources, not something they are keen to do.

    Just a little exta HP won't hurt; You would spend 5-10 seconds extra at a story/quest boss. But in exchange you get so much back:

    - A satisfying bossfight to end the zone story that has been building up
    - Story related voice lines (already in the game, but bosses die too fast to be able to say them)
    - Bosses getting the chance to use their unique moves/attacks (if i were an animator of one of these moves i would not like it if the enemy constantly died before they could show off the animation)
    - increased playerbase due to less people getting bored by questing (and whatever else positives that come with that)

    I hope i can make you see that this solution is just a small price to pay (for some) to increase the gameplay experience for many!
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