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Overland Content Feedback Thread

Community Manager
Hi All. We have seen the multitude of threads related to Overland Content. The increase in weekly threads around this issue has caused some users to have a negative experience on the forum overall, leading to the threads being closed. However, we also recognize there are players who would like to discuss this topic. So, we have made a thread for players who would like to discuss the topic of Overland Content.

With the creation of this thread, please note that future threads created to address overland content will be closed and redirected to this one.

Some ground rules:
  • If you do not want to engage in this conversation, please ignore this thread.
  • For those engaging in this thread, please keep the conversation civil. Keep the forum rules top of mind here.
  • Keep the feedback constructive. The feedback here could help us in the future as we continue conversations around this topic.

Thanks for the continued feedback here.
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  • Toxic_Hemlock
    casparian wrote: »
    So basically what you are saying to players like myself that you want to remove all the fun I have in game so as to make it more of a challenge for you to do.
    No? By far the most common proposal for challenging overland is for a challenging overland option. No one wants to take away the existing easy mode.

    Well options are always good, but you have to balance the amount of dev time needed for such an endeavor with the amount gained. In this instance I believe their time would be much better spent creating more map content than to cater to the more accomplished players. Even if the new content is easy out of the gate for them at least the overall player base will have more to do.

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  • jaws343
    Sort of unrelated but - I'd like to see a story mode in Dungeons.

    I'm not even a huge PvE'er, but some of the stories, especially DLC ones, are pretty decent and I wouldn't mind having a sort of MA/VH experience in dungeons as well. Perhaps then gives a reason to have the companions?

    See, I actually agree here. With the stories each year tied into the dungeons, they should have a story mode for them.

    But, a few caveats:

    No lootable containers or chests.
    No skill point for completing the story quest. (You would need to complete the quest again on at least normal for that)
    No Rewards for completing the quest, outside of maybe a small amount of gold and some exp for fighting the depowered enemies.

    Basically, a mode to experience the story the first time but you would still need to complete all of the content on at least normal to get any real rewards. And it wouldn't be farmable in story mode, just once.
  • jaws343
    Ratzkifal wrote: »
    jaws343 wrote: »
    Any effort spent on difficulty for content that most players play once and then do no revisit is wasted effort. Time should be spent improving repeatable content, like the myriad PVP issues, or end game dungeons/trials. Not for content that players are just going to burn through anyways, at whatever difficulty is picked.

    Overland content, for the most part, is meant to be story driven, not combat driven.

    To add as well, there are no meaningful changes they could make that would satisfy the tiny group of players who even want a change. That tiny group is broken into smaller subsets who can't even agree on what it is they want:

    Difficulty slider? Well what should that slider do, scale mob health, damage, resistances? Or should they have more mechanics?

    Scaling Health and such? Well, how is beating on a damage sponge any more difficult? Oh, that mob lives for 2 extra seconds against your vet trial ready DPS. Good job, I guess.

    Changing enemy mechanics? So you basically want them to remake the entire game, redoing all enemy mechanics to suit some intangible level of difficulty, for a tiny subset of players? Why would any company ever make a decision to do something like this? The cost alone would be insane, and for what, players to burn through the quests anyways and never return, or never even engage with it in the first place.

    What about a debuff food? Well, you can already choose not to equip your best gear, or eat food, or whatever you want to depower your character. But no one wants to do that because it breaks their progression or something. Why would a debuff food be any different.

    How about a separate instance for solo quests? Again, a tiny subset of players. For content that is done once and then never returned to. It works for dungeons and trials and arenas because those are repeatable areas.

    And I'll repeat, dev time is better spent on fixing PVP issues and making better dungeons and trials. Time should be spent on content that actually offers repeatable engagement.

    I'll also add, there is a reason that new dungeons get nerfs after a few patches. The level of player engagement in the vet versions gets low enough that Zos has to make it easier in order to encourage participation. That alone is telling enough.

    I disagree.
    You may call it a "tiny group", but that does not make it one. This group may indeed be fractured but some of these ideas are clearly more feasible than others and it's not like the different subgroups would not all enjoy it if any of their suggestions was made into reality as they all agree on overworld being mind-numbingly easy.
    As for development resources, well...
    Using your own arguments, why is ZOS releasing new overland content at all if it can only be done once? Clearly because that content is valid too. And since that content is valid, it's understandable that veteran players want to play that new overland content as well. They might only play through a zone once, but there will be new zones coming out and I for one still haven't played through all the zones yet after 7 years of playing the game.
    Also regarding the PvP issues and repeatable dungeons, those are different teams than the overland team. Resources are not being moved from one team to the other, meaning that while the PvP and performance team work on PvP and performance and while the dungeon team is making a new dungeon, the overland team can figure out how to improve overland difficulty to be inclusive for veterans and new players alike.

    But it isn't just me calling it a tiny group. Zos has done so in their explanation on why this isn't something they are pursuing. Not enough players would engage in this, not enough players have engaged in similar content in the past to make it worth it at all.

    As to why they continue to make new zones and story content, well I would imagine the majority of players don't ignore that content and actually play it. I've completed all zone content in the game, and will continue to complete future content. And again, it comes down to numbers. If a small portion of the playerbase wants harder overland content, it isn't really a priority to implement when the larger portion of the playerbase is enjoying the content as it is and continues to play it every patch. Why cater to players who gave up on it at some point in 7 years.
  • spartaxoxo
    Overland is largely fine as it is, and I certainly would resent having new content being put on hold to overhaul the entire game with a veteran overland experience. I also share the concern with the developers that it would split the playerbase.

    However, I do think there are some much lower impact things that could be done to prove the experience for myself personally.

    I'd like to see some debuff food or gear (maybe even CP now that we have the armory) that is tailored towards giving negative stat modifiers that makes existing content harder. I know from fighting the crow boss this year on a low level vs the character I'm doing Overland stuff with the difference in power was significant just from using a weaker character, and that resulted in significantly higher difficulty.

    I'd like to see challenge banners for the story bosses moving forward (and maybe old ones too, since that's more limited in scope than overhauling everything) that could upgrade the difficulty for veteran level players. I think something along the easier vet arena bosses would be appropriate in difficulty.

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  • martinhpb16_ESO
    Well options are always good, but you have to balance the amount of dev time needed for such an endeavor with the amount gained. In this instance I believe their time would be much better spent creating more map content than to cater to the more accomplished players. Even if the new content is easy out of the gate for them at least the overall player base will have more to do.

    Edited for clarity.

    Zos are more than capable of deciding how to allocate resources and anything that players think is speculation. Something for everyone is a good thing
    At least the spelling is difficult for you.
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