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second intuitive quickslot for siege weapon & repair kits (maybe separate storing space for them)

Been looking if there was a topic on "quickslot for siege weapon" surprisingly the page was blank.
It would be lovely to have a separate quickslot wheel in cyrodiil for siege weapon & repair kits.
that wheel could also maybe act like a storage space so the siege weapons do not clutter up your inventory.(it's a shame we have to destroy siege weapons at times to clean some inventory space)
I've been making the most of this pvp whitestrake's mayhem event.& the only thing I didn't really like was that i had to alter my pve quickslot
& that I couldn't swap out siege weapon & repair kits during combat,for example only having trebuchet & ballista on my pve quickslot
but then an attack on keep happens & I wished I had slotted flaming oil instead & can't really react to the keep being attacked. because you are not allowed to swap out what's on the quickslot during combat.If there would be a seperate quickslot for siege weapons & repair kits only ,you could react way better as situations arise
That would probably be another reason to have a second intuitive quickslot for siege weapons.
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