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Why do you dislike the new feature: Tales of tribute card game?

  • francesinhalover
    I don't actually dislike the card game, i just want to be in the poll! :D
    Cant wait to defeat mag players with my Exodia card combo
    I am @fluffypallascat pc eu if someone wants to play together
    Shadow strike is the best cp passive ever!
  • alberichtano
    All/some of the above (please, comment which ones).
    S0Z0H wrote: »
    I can't stop thinking about all the things ZOS should be prioritizing before a card game.

    They really are just phoning it in now with ESO. They aren't even trying anymore I don't think. What exactly is the "it" in the phrase "We're working on it" anyway? ....because they sure as hell don't seem to be working on any actual game improvements despite nearly 5 years of promises with no results.

    I'm with you , there's A LOT that's higher priority than this. And I was hopeful about the post by Matt talking about fixing server architecture this year, but I learned theyve been saying similar things for like 5 years lol.

    Big difference today is ZOS is now bankrolled I think by Microsoft. Before the buy out, ZOS depending a lot on outside investors to finance their efforts. And with investors , things can't get pretty darn stressful paying all that back and meeting contract mile stones.
    Now that kind of stress should be gone. It's not that they no longer have to make a profit , they still have to answer to Microsoft.

    But Microsoft is supposed to be pretty cool with developers , giving them space and not micro managing. So when will all the perks off being owned by Microsoft kick in? It's been at least a year or so?

    Many of us were expecting a fast turn around , with Microsoft taking over. I think we are expecting them to throw ZOS a blank check to do everything they need to do, so we are waiting to see ESO receive massive amazing upgrades, like a new game engine, a brand new top of the line server, etc.
    You would think this would happen soon or at least by now, but I don't know for sure.

    It would help if ZOS was just more transparent with the players. But they aren't. So they take a very safe position of "less is more " , don't talk too much, just tell them we are working on it, and then vanish. Give them a non combat pet, a new reskin of a fawn animal. Lol

    So ya, the frustration is real in the community.
    I just hear you loud and clear. ZOS needs to community a lot more and more frequently with the players.

    I look at games like Path Of Exile, whose devs make the game completely free, no pay to win AT ALL, and these guys ( Grinding Gear Games) still make huge profits through cosmetic micro transactions and other stuff called Supporter Packs. How can they do this???
    Because they prove time and time again to be close to their players, and actually prove they listen. And even have some of their top players help with development process. It's an incredible example of how live service games can be done RIGHT and ETHICALLY. And the fans reward the dev team with lots of financial support.

    Another awesome example of this is Digital Extremes, offering a completely free to play game, with Warframe, all content is free, and yet they can still maintain that game and make tons of money. And Warframe is HUGE. With tons of pve content and even huge open world content. It's astonishing. And what does Digital Extremes do ? They stay connected all the time to their fans and players. And they listen. They even admit when they are wrong. It's incredible.

    Take notes ZOS. Stop taking the fans for granted. You cant just live off the fame of the "Elder Scrolls" name and continue to phone in the "content". But I know, I know, You're all "working on it"

    Why would the stress be gone? MS wants profit, or they will cancel. I think that the whole cardgame-thing is an attempt to maximise profits so not to get cancelled. I might be wrong of course.
  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    I don't actually dislike the card game, i just want to be in the poll! :D
    Cant wait to defeat mag players with my Exodia card combo

    Red Eyes Black Dragon is going to be WAY more powerful in this game. :mrgreen:
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  • LalMirchi
    I find it hard to dislike something that I have not experienced. I will reserve my personal judgement when this feature is available to test.

    I was initially skeptical about the Antiquities system but now it is one of my favourite waste of time after a strenuous session in the dungeons or other harder areas.

    I like the idea of having different objectives in the game and not all of these centered on kill, kill, kill!

    A change of tempo can be conducive and perhaps aid later forays into the depths of despair.

    Personally I like to chill sometimes after a particularly hectic incident. Crafting, looking at my stats, fooling around and cooling down I'm ready again, yea!

    So I will reserve my opinion on the card game until I get the chance to test it. /my 2¢
  • francesinhalover
    I don't actually dislike the card game, i just want to be in the poll! :D
    Havent even played it yet.

    But cant wait to use my secret plan...


    Edited by francesinhalover on March 13, 2022 3:50AM
    I am @fluffypallascat pc eu if someone wants to play together
    Shadow strike is the best cp passive ever!
  • tomfant
    I think development time could've been spent on something else more important or another better feature.
    I'm not against a card game. Actually I enjoyed playing cards in The Witcher every now and then. It can be a nice feature that brings more life into the game.

    I also don't want to judge a system that is just an announcement yet.

    However, fixing certain things in ESO is IMHO much more important then adding new stuff. I would even welcome a year without new content if ZOS throws all their workforce on bug fixing, polishing and getting performance right.
  • Cardhwion
    I don't actually dislike the card game, i just want to be in the poll! :D
    I don't dislike the card game, I don't like it either. I don't play card games.

    BUT I don't PVP either, I don't do large group content either.

    And I don't mind these elements being part of the game and getting new content or updates.

    This game holds many things for many people. So if there is a card game, I hope a lot of people will have fun with it, like I hope people enjoy trials and whatever, even if I will never set foot in them. I have things I do enjoy in this game, and so looking forward to prologue and new zone and all the fun that comes with it.

    I love crafting and new stuff to research, new things to add to crafting would be fun, but I won't rage quit for not getting them. I'd also love a housing plot, where I could have my char build their own house, choosing from elements how exactly I want my place. Maybe one day.
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  • Abigail
    All/some of the above (please, comment which ones).
    Not a fan of yet another feature that relies on RNG. I will avoid the card game whenever possible because I detest going throughout my day feeling like a loser.
  • xclassgaming
    People, you can judge it, it's not even out yet, this is just proof the forums will be angry about ANYTHING.

    If the entire game was flawless, y'all would still complain. :|
    Add Veyas hair for us players to use!
  • wolfie1.0.
    All/some of the above (please, comment which ones).
    jerek95 wrote: »
    Danikat wrote: »

    ZOS called it a 'deck building game', that usually means something like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon cards, Netrunner etc. where each player has their own deck which they can customise ahead of the game and cards are not shared between players.

    Other than the initial announcement and the couple of sentences currently on the main site I've not seen any information on how exactly the game works - either while playing it or how cards will be obtained - so I don't see how we can know this deck building game will be different to all the others and both players will share 1 deck.

    No, ZOS called it "resource building game" (or resource gathering, can't check right now) and clearly stated that each player will choose 2 decks that he has and then 4 decks are shuffled and cards are distributet randomly to each player.
    We have in fact little information about this card game but this is almost the only thing they talked about - shuffling both players cards. If that's the only thing they talked then I guess they wanted us to hear this info specifically. Aka - they are not probably going to remove this both player deck shuffling mechanic.

    And with deck shuffling, as I've said, there is no way to monetize it further. It would just be stupid.

    Aka it's more like Dominion than MTG. Also they are monetizing it, otherwise it would be a base game feature (as it should) but also expect them to monetize new decks.
  • S0Z0H
    I think development time could've been spent on something else more important or another better feature.
    Companions and Digging version 3.0. Do you remember how those turned out - glorified mini games you can find more innovation and thought put into them on a free phone app with ads. To me, this is the 3rd year in a row where they're dropping the ball for an easy out.

    Half baked, not at all what people expected, way too grindy, tedious, useless in most aspects of the game. I feel like these will unfortunately be the main descriptors of the new card game, but I hope I'm wrong.

    Looking back as someone who's been around since the beginning, I have not seen anyone ask for these mechanics, not anywhere close to previous requests that HAVE been fulfilled.

    Here's some of the most popular requests that have been addressed over the years showing ZOS does listen, these were highly discussed topics:
    1. Justice system/Theives guild. *Paid DLC*
    2. Dark Brotherhood. *Paid DLC*
    3. Solo endgame content. Maelstrom Arena. *Paid DLC*
    4. Outfit system. *Free*
    5. Housing system. *Free-ish*
    6. No more VET ranks + play whereever and with whoever you want. *Free*
    7. CP 2.0 to address the issues of power being too specific, hybrid unfriendly and end game gated. *Free*
    8. Zone guide. *Free*
    9. Guild store filtering like add-ons. *Free*
    10. Ability bar timers like add-ons. *Free*
    11. Armory system. *Free-ish*
    12. Way to respec our skills, without starting completely from scratch. *Free*
    13. 2 Handed weapons counting as 2 pieces for sets instead of 1 piece. *Free*
    14. Stamina as a playstyle (use to just be weapon skills and very little in the way of class skills) *Free*
    15. Ice staves as a damage playstyle. *Free* (Somewhat there, much better than before, definitely doable on Warden).
    16. Hybrid scaling for armor passives. *Free*
    17. Hybrid scaling for class passives. *Free*
    18. Hybrid scaling for gear. *Free*
    19. Hybrid scaling for weapons, use anything you want. *Free*
    20. Hybrid scaling for skills, use anything you want. *Free* (Coming with U33)
    21. Race updates, make them more viable for many playstyles while making them less necessary to a builds success. *Free* (Much more work needs to be done, but before these changes were made, it was MUCH...MUCH worse)
    22. Transmutation system to change traits on gear. *Free*
    23. Sticker book system to reconstruct items. *Free*
    24. Frost/Animal class. WARDEN. *Paid Chapter* (People expected 2 classes at the time, but Warden is still solid thematically.)
    25. Small scale instanced based PVP. Battlegrounds. *Paid Chapter* Now turned *Free*
    26. Jewelry Crafting. *Paid Chapter*
    27. New guild with active combat abilities. Psijic Order. *Paid Chapter*
    28. Necromancy class. NECROMANCER. *Paid Chapter*
    29. More end game arena's like Maelstrom and Dragonstar = Vateshran and Black Rose Prison! *Paid DLCs*
    30. Account wide achievements. *Free*

    So quite a lot.. they do listen and the game is a lot better today than it once was.

    Here are some of the most requested things that have NOT been addressed:
    1. Spellcrafting. By far number 1 in terms of requests I've seen because ZOS is the one who put the idea in our minds that it was possible when they announced they were designing the system way back before the game even launched. It's taken a back seat, but no one at ZOS has ever stated it's been officially canned so many people still have hopes it will make a return and the adjustments to the combat system throughout the past few years were signs that they were making this possible.
    2. 1H + Magic/Rune Weapon. A dedicated melee magicka weapon skillline that so many of us were use to using in games like Skyrim. In fact, it was much more popular than it was to wield a staff since staves typically were based on charges and you could just cast regular spells for magicka. Magicka players have been stuck using staves and really only fire staves for the entire life cycle of the game.
    3. New class. I haven't seen as much popularity for something specific like we did when Necromancy and Frost/Animals were being theorized, but there is certainly an interest in something new to add to the 6 classes we have. I have seen Bard floated around, using a form of music for healing, buffing, and damage. I've seen a Berserker or Viking like class suggested. I've seen Spellmages frequently requested, although I believe that can be done on any class and has more to do with weapon/skill choice than an entire class. I've seen dedicated Summoners suggested since Warden, Necro and Sorc aren't really 100% summoning focussed.
    4. Water based pvp with boats. *Really, this was only introduced because of the new trailer, but it shows how desperate people are for more PVP content that they actually hoped a new chapter would innovate.. LOL instead we got Cards.
    5. Overland/quest updates in terms of difficulty. At least they are showing interest with the new official thread, but 90 + pages and no comments is dissapointing. We will see.
    6. Performance improvements.
    7. Cyro updates, anything new to update the same old.
    8. Ball group healing stacking.
    9. Server improvements.
    10. More battlegrounds maps.
    11. Flying mounts lol.
    12. Trial queuing system.
    13. Further Racial reworks.
    14. More guilds to play around with like Dark Brotherhood, Theiving and Psijic Order.
    15. Destruction staves and magic damage types in general being less reliant on FIRE damage. Shock and Frost mages should be a thing. At the bare minimum, Shock Sorcs and Frost Wardens.
    16. Server wide auction house. Coming from other MMO's the way ESO handles guild stores can be frustrating, annoying and tedious to deal with.

    Yet.. They gave us Digging, Companions and now a Card Game. ZOS has become so out of touch with what the community really wants. It's a disaster and as many people have stated above, it seems like they're investing less into this game for some reason, as if they're just trying to cash out it's last few years.

    1. Fun for the first hour when the chapter released.. This quickly turns into tedium as it takes hours upon hours to level so you can starting farming the main thing this is meant for... MYTHICS.
    2. Any small satisfaction I got from playing the scrying minigame quickly dissapears the moment you get the extra stars and line perk. Even with the hardest scrying rarity, it's impossible to fail and there is 0 variety as you can make 4-5 lines in a row as the lines are long enough to get you to a node that gives you another line to use.
    3. Digging can still be somewhat challenging by comparison, but mostly due to dumb mistakes I make trying to do it so fast. They at least got this right as there IS variety and it does have somewhat of a challenge, scrying is just completely a joke.
    4. Regardless of challenge, it's hard not to see these 2 minigames as completely pointless. Had they not been introduced, Mythics could of still been released in another form of farming. Maybe then we wouldn't have to farm 5 leads taking on average 3hours each. Some leads take endless farming, I know people that have completed Dragonstar Arena upwards of 100 times in months. This is not fun. RNG is not fun. I can't believe this was a chapter selling mechanic we were remotely looking forward to. The carrot on the stick is not worth the endless treadmill to get to. It's just another way to keep us farming and wasting time instead of enjoying the game. That sucks.

    1. Companions only help in overland where help isn't needed in the first place, they're not meant for endgame which implies they should be for beginners yet they're impossible for a new player to find as they're given from side quests in the middle of nowhere on a chapter/zone out of 7+ they may never touch.
    2. Boring to play with, rapport system is a bare minimum. Romancing or doing anything interesting with them does not exist, even a year after launch.
    3. Annoying, dialogue gets stale fast.
    4. Take way too long to level (especially for a new player which again, who is this for then?)
    5. Have very little build variety. Notice how no one actually theory crafts for Companions. It's basically throw whatever on, it doesn't matter anyway.
    6. Have no inventory.
    7. Skill choice is lacking, morphs don't exist, skill power and uniqueness is bare minimum. They don't remotely mirror the classes they're based on.
    8. Only 2 out of 6 classes to choose from.
    9. Only 2 out of 10 races to choose from.
    10. The gear they have is completely redundant provding only minor stat boosts instead of the vast array of unique sets available in the game we're use to and what makes ESO great and replayable.
    11. They can't even heal your characters summons, what is the point of this system?
    12. They can't tank any bosses, let alone mobs without getting destroyed because they stand in stupid.
    13. Their DPS is 5k, 10k at best when we're possible of doing 50-60k solo, 110k + in a group setting. They are about as strong as 1 single target dot the player can cast.

    Card Game:
    1. Could be cool.. but based on the previous 2 mechanics it will be heavily monitized or extremely grindy, killing all fun it had.
    2. They already announced that this system will mix your deck with your oponents deck to try and even the playing field... Any hope we had of this being competitive like other popular card games goes out the window. Imagine spending hours upon hours making a perfect deck, theeory crafting different builds, only for ZOS to swap your deck around with your oponents so none of your synergies work and they get to enjoy all the hard work you put into customizing your deck. When I speak about inonvation and new ideas, this isn't one of them. This is a bad idea.
    3. If the only way to have a card game with someone is to walk up to them and "duel" them, this system will die out fast. How many people do you see duel vs how many people you see in dungeons, trials, arenas, BGs or Cyrodill. It's a fraction. Most of the dedicated duelers are gone. Without leaderboards, lobbies or a tournament system, this will go unplayed after the hype dies down after launch. What could make this interesting is if you were able to spectate, but I highly doubt it and would be very surprised if ZOS pulls that off.

    You pointed out that ZOS in fact, DID listen to , in the past. So that's good to know the track record.
    So at least we don't have a horrible history of what's currently seems to be ,hopefully, not a new norm (not listening to players )

    So ZOS just needs to quickly get back on the ball. I personally think they are going through a restructuring phase at ZOS ( Note that their Twitter name includes "We Are Hiring" lol)

    The last two years of the plandemic really jolted their team building , I'm sure. So I think we need to not just be positive toward ZOS , cuz toxic positivity is a thing.
    But we should remind them of their large amount of successes with listening to players, while also being direct and not sugar coat what they are lacking on.
    We don't need to be kissing anyone's butt , but we don't have to be rude as hell either.

    Very good post you made. Thanks a lot
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  • Kaivalya
    Controls unclear. I couldn't figure out how to use a patron ability. Click somewhere on the patron card? Nope. Drag cost/sacrifice card to patron? Nope.

    I also got a notification during a game, but it seems that you can't check notifications until the match is finished. The flashing notification icon is much too distracting. Total deal-breaker.
  • Cireous
    I don't actually dislike the card game, i just want to be in the poll! :D
    Played it on PTS. Game is fun. Can't wait to find the other cards/decks when it goes live. Loving that card table.
    Edited by Cireous on April 20, 2022 12:23AM
  • master_vanargand
    Other (please, comment why).
    I wanted a casino.
    I think need a casino to curb inflation in gold.
  • Xinihp
    All/some of the above (please, comment which ones).
    I will probably do it just for the xmute stones but only casually. I'll reserve judgement until I actually play it, but I'm not a big fan of Gwent and other such mini-games.

    The main reason though, is that the thing I enjoy most in these games is theory crafting builds and doing actual combat related stuff. I would much rather dev time went into a new weapon or skill line, or a new class. Maybe a system to customize spell visual appearance to give things a color theme. Or new CP stars like causing a percent of magicka ability cost to take stamina instead. Or cloaks/capes or another gear slot to level crafting for. Something interesting and engaging that adds to the longevity of the parts of the game I enjoy.

    This feels a little like fishing: Something to do when you have nothing else to do. I would rather HAVE something else to do.

    I sure hope it doesn't become a different sort of fishing, but again, I reserve judgement.

    Edited by Xinihp on April 20, 2022 5:21AM
  • SammyKhajit
    I don't play/like card games.
    This one had a gap of thirty minutes to play. Eagerly, Sammy went to the PTS.

    Got kicked out every five minutes and lose some parts of the progress, it happened three times.

    Needless to say, this one did not get to try out the card game today :(
  • bachpain
    I think development time could've been spent on something else more important or another better feature.
    You have a game that literally has almost been shutting down at high volume times since u33 dropped and combat is as unbalanced as it has ever been. The systems that already exist aren't working and now we are being given more systems instead of fixing the ones already in place.
  • EozZoe1989
    i like it and i think people don't like change hats only reason why,, people moaning about it its fine thou there are trolls too that think its cool to say its bad but when they mean its good,, its weird era okay lol
    but the thing is i think this is going to be amazing .,. for some if they don't like it go do something else lol
  • EozZoe1989
    Dojohoda wrote: »
    Does cards help us in Cyrodiil? No? Didn't think so.

    well then ask for new content for that area, do a post on it lol
  • EozZoe1989
    acw37162 wrote: »
    The team at ZOS will make a compelling mini game

    I don't like or play card games and the team at ZOS while producing nice content also has a habit of locking things inside that force you to play said content to get the rewards. The examples are numerous OP weapons in solo arenas, mythics in antiquities, PVP skill line,

    Which means they are going to lock something behind the card game you will have to play the card game to achieve.

    I don't like card games and if I did like card games I would go buy anyone the hundreds of card games currently on the market that I could put on my mobile device and play anywhere without having to be logged into the game.

    In all likelihood they decided not to add a new class, new weapons, or new skills while they are basically rebuilding the whole game under the hood. I would much prefer they just say that then offer up a card game but then I am biased against card games because I don't enjoy them.

    The card game causes the worst possible reaction from me. I just don't care not mad, not happy, not excited. I did not and will not pre-order

    the thing is this will create more content if anything people want to see on twitch how to play and it will bring more players who like this kida thing to the game ,.. so really if you dont like it its fine do something else and hope something more come to game lol there is the new story too .. lol there is not just the cards lol
  • FlopsyPrince
    I think development time could've been spent on something else more important or another better feature.
    Complaining about something we have zero information on is like crying about the sky being blue. Both are non-issues.

    I'll complain when they start shoving cards on the crown store.

    Not that complaining can do anything now, but it will be far too late then.
    PS4 (Not really active)
  • DMuehlhausen
    Other (please, comment why).
    It's a mix of a lot of those things.

    Like I love playing Magic The Gathering. It's one of the most interactive and social things I do on FNM or travel to GPT or PTQs or larger events if they are near (pre pandemic) but for a lot, probably most, TCG are about the human interaction. The talking to people your playing, people around during and between matches. This is just another sit behind a screen and not interact which isn't what TCGs are about.

    Also though the development time for this. Games like this take years to create and balance. Which means this was probably being worked in early stages around Elsewyr launch. I don't remember hearing people over the last 4-6 years talking about how much they want a card game. They were talking how they want balance and fixes for things that hadn't and still don't work properly. I hate PvP, but the people that enjoy deserve a working Cyrodil not a TCG that the BiS PvP gear will probably be put behind eventually.

    It doesn't fit in the world. In none of the stand alone games, or in ESO have I seen NPC sitting around playing a TCG, unlike you do in Witcher with GWINT so it fits there, not so much here.

    I'm worried that if people aren't playing they will put BiS items as rewards only from the TCG to force people to play it. When you start forcing players in this way to do things for gear is when people really start leaving the game.

    Are they going to just add new cards for free? No my guess they will be DLC packs you have to pay for (or be ESO+ for free) to get through the crown store. Thus forcing people to spend more money on something they don't want to do to get items they need.

    Honestly this seems like it should have been something the the community team should have been talking to the player base during streams or on here a lot more to see if this was something people wanted. And I have a feeling the resounding response would have be no. There is the other people asking if people are looking forward to it. And currently close to 80% are disinterested, not going to play, or just have no feelings about it. Pandering to 20% of your player base doesn't seem like a good business model.
    Edited by DMuehlhausen on April 20, 2022 6:54PM
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