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Zos needs to have this conversation with its community, at-least some sort of dialog. Played nearly daily for 3 years, performance is at by far at its worst now, even with low pop its unplayable.
  • Hämähäkki
    New servers are sometime in the future. After this everything will be just fine ;)
  • newtinmpls
    I thought loading screens could not get any longer.

    I was wrong.
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  • McTaterskins
    I imagine they're busy doing other things like updating graphics on stuff like dark convergence so that it causes more desync.
  • AJones43865
    The fact that players experience game breaking performance, and still play after "X" years is already the answer why ZoS won't never fix it.

    I'd settle for "wont never" in this case. B) (double negative there)
  • gariondavey
    @ZOS_Kevin please notice this!
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  • Minnesinger
    Anyone experiencing the problems with the fast turns in fights? If I turn fast it sometimes freezes my screen and kicks me out of the game.
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  • baselinestun
    tick tock ZOS, time is running out and all we get is silence :/
  • jerj6925
    The game breaking lag is induced by the devices used for cheating (yep running scripts that use abilities for you is cheating), new servers won’t solve that. ZOS will never ever talk about cheating going on because that would be an acknowledgement its happening and then they would either have to counter it (and they don’t have the tech and know how) or acknowledge they cant and that would either kill the game or open the flood gates.
  • Rohamad_Ali
    No bueno
    Edited by Rohamad_Ali on December 18, 2021 5:00AM
  • Soris
    Performance is bad okay, Zos is unable to fix it okay too, but you guys keep playing in that campaign with all those ball groups and such, meanwhile Blackreach and Imperial City are dead empty.

    Blackreach is lag free in any time of day until high pop for all factions, which is very rare. If you are solo/duo/trio queue for somewhere else than Gray. Easy as that.
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