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PTS Update 30 - Feedback Thread for new Achievements

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This is the official feedback thread for the new Achievements. Specific feedback that the team is looking for includes the following:
  • Was the criteria for completing the new achievements clear?
  • Did all achievements work as expected?
  • What did you think of the associated rewards for the achievements?
  • Do you have any other general feedback?
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  • Inaya
    The current system of leads for these only dropping from treasure chests is absolutely horrendous. Leads should drop from digging antiquities not from treasure chests, jewelry boxes and thieve's troves. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

    It is unrewarding and in its current state a complete waste of time to an otherwise wonderful addition to the game.

    Please please change this and make it retroactive.
  • tomofhyrule
    Fontecc wrote: »
    Yes, I would like to present some suggestions of how we can improve this.
    One way would be to match the Leads drop to what the achievement tooltip says- make them drop from digging up antiquities in Blackwood, either from sellable trinkets, tapestry pieces, furnishings, having this as a bonus when digging up other stuff makes perfect sense!
    Other way this could be improved is just by granting these Leads a chance to drop from overland chests - but with a higher chance from treasure map chests - this would still be incorrect if we follow the achievement tooltip but it would cause minimal change from in-game mechanics already in place and the economy. Everyone can get a route to farm overland chests, but not everyone can gamble away gold to see if they drop a lead from the treasure map they just bought.
    Both of these solutions would, in my opinion, alleviate the farm of these motifs. Having them retroactively apply to Ancestral Nord, Orc, High Elf and Reach styles would be amazing. As they all have a quite similar tooltip - suggesting the method to get the leads is by digging up antiquities, which is incorrect.
    I feel like this would go a long way to helping out with these, and future, Ancestral motifs.

    When Greymoor dropped, we got the three Ancestral motifs, one per alliance, to drop fairly consistently - each of the 14 pages dropped in a specific zone, so if we were only missing one page we knew which zone's maps to go for. Having 13/14 pages of a motif meant that you were only farming guild traders for maps from one zone, and even then there was a 1/2 chance that when a lead dropped, it would be the one you were missing. We also had, for each style, 5 zones with 6 maps plus 4 in the starter zones = 34 possible maps that could drop the leads.

    When Markarth brought out the Ancestral Reach, all 14 could drop from the same ones, so when you were at 13/14 pages you only had a 1/14 chance of getting the last one you needed. There were also only 6 maps total in WSkyrim plus two in the Reach. That means there's a ridiculously smaller chance that you would come across the maps for this style, and as such the prices on guild traders (for a chance to get the lead) are astronomical.

    I also have noticed my RNG is way worse for leads from Skyrim maps than it ever was for the basegame zones. I've dug about 40-50 of the Greymoor DLC maps, and I got a lead in one. Meanwhile, the basegames are seeming to drop their leads at a reasonable rate. Sure, it could just be bad luck, but it's crossed the line into infuriating.

    If Ancestral Akaviri is going the same way as Ancestral Reach, it's going to be another one of those obscene luck-based missions. Especially if the next Ancestral motif would come with the Q4 DLC, so that means that you'd have 28 motif page leads competing for the same 8 Gates of Oblivion chests.

    The tooltips, and indeed the patch noted from the Markarth PTS round, did imply that the leads for the Ancestral Reach motif could be found as bonus loot, not only from treasure map chests. If that were done, that would make the grind that much better (and would encourage people to start digging for Antiquities in that zone, considering the current system is a great way to get people to leave in frustration). I was also thinking that having the leads drop from zone chests at the same rate they currently are would help, as a player is much more likely to see a chest in Markarth than happen upon a Reach treasure map. Whether the same is needed for the original three Ancestral motifs, since they have a much larger amount of places to drop from in the first place, is up for debate, but any DLC Ancestral motifs that don't have such a large source spread need more opportunities for player to get it.
  • B0SSzombie
    If they really are dead-set on Treasure Map exclusive leads going forward, and that's a terrible idea, at least offer a "Lead Folio" in the crown store that gives you a full set of leads for an Ancestral Motif.

    If we can outright buy Motifs from Trials, the hardest content in the game, there's zero excuse to not have Ancestral Motifs available too.

    I actually haven't met any players that got the full Ancestral Reach Motif via leads, and I'm sure the number of players that have wouldn't even hit a 3 digit numbers.
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