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Please dont que for veteran dungeons if....

  • Hanokihs
    Arguably, both sides are correct.

    In a perfect world, inexperienced players wouldn't queue for vet dungeons or sign on for vet arenas/trials without knowing mechanics. In a perfect world, players would be self-aware about their skill level, and equally self-conscious or embarrassed about being a hindrance to their team; they'd be willing to learn, practice, or research first to prevent this happening. I know that would be ideal, because nobody would reasonably be upset about having smoother runs.

    But! The average player probably does around 10-20k DPS and gets carried without realizing it. The average tank has mob control issues, and the average healer just spams the burst heal when someone drops low. The average player doesn't read dungeon guides. The average player doesn't have adequate gear for their role, let alone the BiS sets. And the average player has no idea how much harder Vet content is compared to normal. So those ideal groups are never gonna form, and at this point, there's no use trying to set up the PUG etiquette unwritten rules to demand those ideal situations.

    It'd be nice, and I'm sure everyone can agree with that. But it's never gonna happen, and there's no point holding on to the wishful thinking.
    "I haven't really played much yet, but lemme tell you all about how the game should include X and be a lot more like Y!" - Half the posters on this forum.
    "I've been here for years, and lemme tell you all about how they should never change or evolve Z, because then the game would be ruined forever." - The other half of posters on this forum.
  • BackStabeth
    shack80 wrote: »
    You are unsure of mechanics

    This type of elitism is just toxic. You learned somewhere, and I guarantee, for any particular dungeon you learned in that dungeon, not by watching youtube videos or reading instructions. And those people learned by doing those vet dungeons as well.

    shack80 wrote: »
    You are unsure of your own abilities (need to know how to block, dodge roll etc)

    Everyone is unsure their first time, or their second, or third, or after taking a break for a period of time. Unless you are running a specific dungeon on a regular basis, you are unsure. Nobody remembers perfectly and things change, equipment changes. I think you are totally missing the dynamics of the game and only thinking in a very stagnant, static way.

    shack80 wrote: »
    You are not able to handle you class (if you are dd please do damage)

    I don't care how good you are, or how well you know your class, everyone does every dungeon for the first time no matter their class they use, and nobody can know the mechanics well enough related to their class prior to doing any specific content, we all, every single one of us, learn from doing it, from experience. When people say this sort of thing it leads me to believe they have very, very little experience in the game. If they had more experience, then they would know better than to say things like this.

    shack80 wrote: »
    This will only waste every1s time and the damn que timer sucks. If you want to learn mechanics or if you need to learn how to play the game (do damage and handle you abilities) that is what the guilds are for.

    Guilds are for like minded and experienced people to get together and do content, regardless if it's trading, fishing or running dungeons. That means new players helping new players of course but, in your case, specifically your specific complaint a guild is intended for you, for you personally, per your own complaints to find other people who want to play exactly the way you want to play. Other people who have already learned the content, their class, the game mechanics related to a particular dungeon. You find that guild and play with those people and you will never have to feel the need to come here to complain about things you shouldn't be complaining about, nor have any right to.

    shack80 wrote: »
    In my opinion vet que isnt the place where you go when you want to learn to play. It is just frustrating.

    In my opinion, and in the opinion of most people who are veterans and have experience the pug queue is intended for people of all levels of experience, of all levels of learning, not for elitists who think that if you are not able to play at the level they think you should play at, you shouldn't be queuing for a random pug. Seriously, what do you think a random pug is intended for? For only those people who think they are elite to randomly join a group to do content?

    Are you totally out of touch with reality?

    shack80 wrote: »
    Some1 say that the que is for ppl to learn the game but in my opinion it is the opposite. Guilds are for this. Go for noob friendly guild to get help, not for the que.

    How about you go for a vet friendly guild if you think you are that good. Go for one of the elite guilds.

    Just the other day, I queued for a random vet dungeon as damage, I joined 3 people who were all in the same guild and all 810. Right off one said "what do you expect it's a pug" then soon after I was kicked. The vet dungeon was cradle of shadows and at the time I was CP 495 on that character.

    I'm not going to get triggered by elitist idiots, so I just queued again. Next queue, a healer and DPS were below cp 365, the tank we got was 810 and me, the tank bailed right off the bat, then we got another tank that was 810 after waiting a few min to find another player.

    Mind you, my first run ever doing vet Cradle of Shadows, I died twice, the others died a few times, we never had to reset one time. The tank was amazing and helped us learn the tactics as we went along it was awesome! One person willing to help 3 other people learn the specific mechanics allowed us to be successful.

    We ended up running it two more times as a group, the last time none of us died.

    Point is, if you know and can share that knowledge with someone else you are appreciated, and mind you someone helped you at some point, someone gave you pointers. You were new and didn't know anything at all, just like the people whom you are complaining about. Just because you have some experience under your belt does not make you better than anyone else, not ever, not in this game, not in real life. And if you cannot take time and help others then you are just behaving in a very selfish manor because someone, many people, helped you along your way, you should be returning that in kind.

    When someone behaves in this snobby, elitist way the very first thing I think is that they are attempting to make themselves look good by pretending to be too good to play with people who are learning. Reality is, the very best players are so good, that they have no problem helping others and can make up for anything lacking in the group, I don't mean carrying other people although many can, I mean helping them as to make a big huge giant difference in how successful the group is. If you think of yourself as being an experience vet, and you are not willing to help others or play with people who are new then don't queue with a pug, queue with people who play just like you do. The very best players enjoy it because it's one of the few challenges left in the game. The tank we encountered said about as much!

    To the tank we encountered randomly in a pug, thank you. Your awesomeness is noted and appreciated. You are one of those people that are a joy and pleasure meeting in game and help us realize that good people still exist in the world, regardless if in game or in the real.

    To the op of this thread, you sound young and seem like you have much to learn on your path to becoming a human being.

    Edited by BackStabeth on March 29, 2020 2:38PM
  • SpaceElf
    jm42 wrote: »
    SpaceElf wrote: »
    So, I'm not allowed to try veteran dungeons until I have the adequate understanding, knowledge, and experience necessary for a veteran dungeon?

    Like how an entry level job requires a few years of experience?


    You can get your necessary experience doing this: open > search *veteran dungeon name* guide > read/watch videos

    You welcome

    That's not experience, that's research. That's not the same.

    You get XP by doing things, not by just reading about them.

    Yeah, sure, this isn't casual stuff, and people should be as best prepared as they know how to be and do the best they can do in-game - but ultimately, this is still just a game. Don't let perfect be the enemy of good, and remember everyone is allowed to be there.
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