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Some new animals please?! (Pets)

Oh cool a new type of non combat pet, oh it's just another bear, senche, wolf, Pony, maybe dwarven spider...

Why can't we get some actual animals?
  • Owls - Really cute animals, perfect for librarians or wardens, would love to see these in ESO
  • Bats - Spooky and perfect for vampires (Already datamined - never released though)
  • Snakes - Like proper snakes not Sep adders
  • Monkeys - We only have 2, 1 which is impossible to get now
  • Proper foxes - Not fennec ones.
  • Non-Combat Atronachs - Simple as, mini versions of Ice and Fire atronachs
  • Mice/Rats - We only got 1 which was the Clockwork mouse

Not sure what other Pets I'd like to see but I really want Owls and Bats
Edited by AndrejLeo on October 12, 2019 12:47PM
  • TelvanniWizard
    There is a bat emote, but it's not a pet.
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  • NotaDaedraWorshipper
    I want a skeever/scavenger. A completely normal one.
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  • AndrejLeo
    There is a bat emote, but it's not a pet.

    Yup I know, I bought it straight away but I would still love an actual bat pet to follow you around and stuff
  • Mewillow
    Soul Shriven
    Some dataminers found this

    Supposed to be a pet at some point.
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  • svartorn
    Been using the Bristlegut piglet pet forever since I have a pet potbelly pig IRL. I'd love to see more pig pet varieties, especially a Kune Kune.

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  • Fischblut
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