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Introducing the New Moon Crown Crate!

  • SantieClaws
    Can this one request in future please a ghost pig and perhaps a goat?

    I mean who doesn't want an entirely haunted farm no?

    Yours with paws
    Santie Claws
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    PAWS (Positively Against Wrip-off Stuff) - Say No to Crown Crates!
  • Karivaa
    What time do the crates drop?
  • Jack_TheImpaler
    How many Gems for the mounts and weapon styles!! :o
  • Cirantille
    I just checked, I thought there was going to be a bat pet

    Mounts are all the same retexture

    Kind of disappointed
  • nightstrike
    The legal issue with these predatory gamble boxes is that:

    1) They claim the items have zero dollar value, thus circumventing the laws most countries have for gambling
    2) Because of (1), they don't post drop rates, which would otherwise be legally required

    They should be embarrassed for hiding behind the dubious zero value claim for 1, but 2 is especially problematic. The drop rates could be literally zero, and we'd never know.
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  • Fischblut
    I've made showcase video for New Moon Wolf mount:

    You can see all movement and hear all sounds which this mount makes...

    I usually use happy smile in this, but not this time :/ It's very sad that many of special mounts are incomplete. Why can't a mount have 3 things at the same time: look cool, sound cool and have awesome special effect (not talking about Shadow Atronach senche, it only needs some better armor <3 )?

    This mount looks great in his basic armor. His eyes glow nicely.
    But it has simple voice of ordinary wolf :o ...
    Crown Store team had amazing designer(s) for voice edits to Flame atronach senche. Also amazing designer(s) who created outstanding effects for Psijic Spectral Steed (or any Psijic Exemplar mount) and Solar horse. Where are these people? :'(

    All apex mounts in New Moon crate season have ordinary animal voices :/ Radiant senche has voice of Nightmare Senche; Radiant wolf had voice of Frostbane Wolf/Dragonfire Wolf; I haven't heard anything from horse so far while previewing it.

    Apex special effect made me very upset :'( Barely visible when standing still, and very thin trail of bad-looking smoke when moving.

    I waited for this season since datamines. I was at work today and was in a hurry to arrive home to finally see how new mounts look in game. I imagined how epic they might sound.

    When I bought the wolf and made it howl, I howled inside as well :D:s I was also going to buy Apex Senche and Bear... but with their ordinary voices and lack of special effects, the Wolf is enough.
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  • CaffeinatedMayhem
    Definitely dislike all the mounts... but otherwise these crates are awesome!
  • FanmaR
    ESO+ member, just spend 36 bucks on crowns for the 15 crate bundle... and got nothing for it. Not one mount or pet, just tattoo's, a piercing and the ugliest hat I've ever seen:

    I'm totally not salty about it.
    that was sarcasm

    I know there are no guarantees and it's weird to complain about. I know it's simply gambling; a friend of mine got 3 mounts from 5 crates so he's happy. Though at this point for me it really does feel like throwing hard-earned money down the drain so this will probably my last purchase of them unless they change something about the crown-gem system or stop putting in "rewards" that are clearly just there to reduce the chance of getting something nice, making you buy more. I mean, nobody cares for all the potions and such right? Or that... ghastly cap up there.

    It feels like I'm being punished for spending my money on a game I enjoy almost every day. I doubt that's the feeling ZoS wants to create. But eh, rant over. I hope something changes sometime...

  • rook3162005
    Wow...Another new crate, and another without a new Daedric Prince statue. You guys really know how to pack these things worth of overpriced crap not worth buying, don't you? Why isn't there a whole set of Prince statues yet? Come on!
  • wolfbone
    great. gambling yet again. I can say, I've had a problem with these crates before, and it was bad. very bad. they're effective gambling because you dont know what you're going to get, and end up trying to get one thing which you'll probablly never get.
  • Fischblut
    I've finally seen how the new body paint looks on vampires... As pale as all other body paints :| The white preview manequins are deceiving, they look like vampires - so I was sure that these new types of body paint will actually look black on vampire skin :/
    Edited by Fischblut on September 21, 2019 5:05PM
  • Stoney_McGeee
    it’s hilarious people spend money on these crates, in 10 years you’ll be riding those silly copy paste mounts by your lonesome self. Jahahah
    Game will be dead besides a few.
    (Soulless Knights)
    AD Stoneey DK (Vr16) homeless
    AD StoneyHeals Templar (Vr16) homeless
    AD Stoknee NB (v1) Training
    AD Psychosis Sorc (37) Training
  • Aldrik41
    ethr wrote: »
    If you don't like them don't buy them. No one is forcing you to buy them.

    It's not about whether they like or not, it's about those people who like to teach others how to live, what to spend money on. [removed inappropriate comment]
    Edited by ZOS_JesC on September 23, 2019 5:41PM
  • ihtizar
    I would love to see this crate come back specially after the update which allows players to buy radiant apex mounts with gems / endavours
    Aldmeri dominion main eu/PC
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