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Server Login Queue Turned on for PC-EU - April 10

  • Amilla_Silverline
    Awww man. Looked like I picked a bad time to go out and buy sausages.
  • bzz86
    Somewhere around 8 minutes it let me in. :-)
  • LanteanPegasus
    After a wait of 15 to 20 minutes (didn't stay in front of the PC, so I can't be more exact): "An error occurred" and I was obviously thrown from the queue.
    Upside: Now I'm not shown a "maybe 30 seconds" but a "13 minutes" waiting time.
    Downside: 20min + 13min = more than half an hour to wait every time to play the game. With no indication of the problem being solved anytime soon. (At least probably not during the ongoing, quite time consuming, event.)

    "Please note that while your queue position is accurate, your estimated on-screen wait time may not reflect your actual wait time" - I am not shown my position in the queue, the time can only be an estimation, so it's just hope and pray.
  • afonik
    The queue is bugged, please fix!

    It was 30 seconds for several minutes.

    I got kicked out of the queue several times and had to re-enter.

    As mentioned in the message above, the estimated on-screen wait time may not reflect the actual wait time (the position listed is correct, though).

    As we all are also mentioning: there is no information on what position we are, it's a hanging queue, that's all.
  • CiNNeR
    Anhedonie wrote: »
    Uh...thanks, Blizzard(?).

    On a serious note, I hope server upgrades won't take too long to implement. Can we expect them to happen by the time Elsweyr arrives?

    That's the goal (or sooner).

    Sooner i hope, else it will cost players who pay to land in queue
  • Lovelocke
    Honestly something has to be done - queues are horrible but if it means people in the game can join dungeons then it's a horrible but necessary temporary solution.

    My only concern is in case ZOS implement this and conveniently "forget" about the issue, with a vague post in a years time saying "we're not aware of any dungeon finder issues" like they've done before.

    The community needs to keep up the reports to ZOS and don't let it slide.
  • Jaraal
    essi2 wrote: »
    Great, so the broken EU server has been replaced with a broken static queue -_-

    And if you're going to Cyrodiil, you get a second queue.

    Talkin bout a girl who looks quite like you
    She didn't have the time to wait in the queue
    She cried away her life since she fell off the cradle....
    RIP Bosmer Nation. 4/4/14 - 2/25/19.
  • MikaHR
    Been saying it since January. Glad that they decided to start making plans to fix it... mid April!

    But it is better experience for those of us that are ingame!
    Edited by MikaHR on April 10, 2019 8:31PM
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