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Server Login Queue Turned on for PC-EU - April 10

Community Manager
Recently, we’ve seen a massive influx of players to ESO especially on the PC-EU server. This influx of players has resulted in some server performance issues for our players on the PC-EU megaserver, especially during prime-time hours. As a short-term solution to address these issues, we are turning on a login queueing system for that server.

Set in place to create an optimal player experience for our ESO fans playing on the PC-EU server, this queueing system allows for a set number of players to be in the game at a time. Players waiting in the queueing system will be able to enter the game as soon as a spot opens up. (Please note that your estimated on-screen wait time may not reflect your actual wait time.)

We’re currently working on plans that will add more capacity for our growing PC-EU community, making it possible for many more heroes to jump in and play simultaneously without hindrance to the overall PC-EU server performance. We’ll keep everyone updated. Welcome to all our new and returning players, and thank you all for your patience.
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  • vesselwiththepestle
    The queue is bugged, please fix!

    It was 30 seconds for several minutes.

    I got kicked out of the queue several times and had to re-enter.

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  • tomtomhotep
    I certainly hope ESO+ members are NOT getting a priority queue!!!
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    The queue is bugged, please fix!

    It was 30 seconds for several minutes.

    I got kicked out of the queue several times and had to re-enter.

    As mentioned in the message above, the estimated on-screen wait time may not reflect the actual wait time (the position listed is correct, though).
    Gina Bruno
    ESO Community Manager
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  • labambao
    So my 30 sec que is already 20 mins. Howdy ZOS?
  • bzz86
    Sorry to say but this is ridiculous ! I tried to login and got 30 sec.... after 10 minutes I've left the queue and tried again. Now I have 15min 11sec...... This time its counting down at least. All I wanted is to login fast, see if there is any trial or whatever else happening in guild and leave if none.... Now (despite the queue) I will have to wait to check :)
  • JamieAubrey
    Of course someone will complain about this, Welcome to the game new Players
    Edited by JamieAubrey on April 10, 2019 8:11PM
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