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What is actual drop rate of Maelstrom Inferno Staff?

  • SoLooney
    Man, i remember farming the inferno and lightning in sharpened before transmutation and farming bows in sharp, nirn, and precise

    And players still want a token system with transmutation out, rip
  • luccerton
    Rerum wrote: »
    Hello there.

    Just for chill a bit. I've done about 30 runs in vMA last week(honestly on last week i'm only started doing vMA cause i'm playing ~3 months) and wtf s going on...i've got every kind of weapons(most of them 3-4 times) and 0 inferno staffs. Few times i've had 3 restoration staffs in a row, 2 bows in a row, 2 battleaxes in a row...This is just makes me mad. The probability of this is way higher than getting inferno staff? I know that this is game, not the end of the world and etc. But people doing vMA for 2 things - bow/inferno(sometimes lightning) and leaderboards. And farm needed staff such a pain. I've reached more or less comfortable point when i'm doing vMA in ~52 minutes, just mindless 52 minutes, but in the end it's always dissapointment cause of flawless rng that all devs loves as their children. I'm not agains rng in loot when you have up to 12 people who can get what you need and give away or trade it(in most disgusting cases), but not in solo content which is not the fastest and easiest for a lot of people. Why just not did a exchange, in example, 50 weapons on 1 that you needed. Is devs really think that farm vMA half of year or more is fun?

    Sorry for my english. And thanks for reading. Mb someone can give an answer on the question in the title.

    I got mine in 3 runs, and now I need the bow for my stambuilds but I only get infernostaffs. Feelsbadman.
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  • f047ys3v3n
    I believe the drop rate is 1/12

    Back in the day it was much worse because it had to be sharpened to be usable and, furthermore, the loot table was first into 4 roles (stam dps, mag dps, tank, and heal) and each of those four dropped with equal frequency. This added another bad multiplier to the rng as you tended to pile up lots of tank and heals weapons since there were few weapons for each role and few dps ones. The drop rate at that time for a sharpened inferno was 1/144. How is that for sucking.

    For what it is worth, the staff is not that great for dps. It costs a 4 and 5 pc bonus on 1 bar and it's benefit is highly dependent on maintaining a light attack rotation which I can't do with resource management anyway. If I wasn't doing infallible on the opposite bar where my full heavy is primarily for a group buff I wouldn't use it and loose a 4 and 5 peice buff on the bar with it. I expect that if I switch to false god devotion next patch I will loose the vMA staff altogether. It's really less than impressive.

    The only vMA weapon I am a fan of is the resto on my pvp toon that has heals on 1 bar and dps on the other. It is good for regen and loosing a penetration 5pc bonus on the heals bar is irrelevant. I hear the bow is also worth while but I don't play stam much so I really can't say.
    Yes I am deeply embarrassed to still be playing this game. I know better.
  • Rittings
    Here's my stats...

    Ice Staves: 3
    Resto Staves: 17
    Sword & Shield: 11
    Lightning Staves: 2
    2Handers: 0
    Dual Wield: 24
    Bows: 41
    Inferno Staves: 0

    It's not a great drop rate, I'd say.
  • redlink1979
    Rerum wrote: »
    Hello there.

    Just for chill a bit. I've done about 30 runs in vMA last week(honestly on last week i'm only started doing vMA cause i'm playing ~3 months) and wtf s going on...i've got every kind of weapons(most of them 3-4 times) and 0 inferno staffs.

    The more you want it, the less it's probably to drop. Lol
    Just relax, you will get it.
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  • bongtokin420insd16
    My first drop was the fire staff. Just saying lol
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  • thorwyn
    I finally got the inferno staff today!

    I was bored and a bit tired, so I decided to go for a MA run and maybe try flawless. It went pretty well, but then I somehow managed to die in the spider arena. The run went downhill from there on. I took insane ammounts of damage in the Igneous Cistern and died 4-5 times there (I almost never die in this arena) and when I made it to the last arena, I was already tilted and died A F**ING LOT. For the first time in my vMA career, I failed to Voriak grabbing three golden ghosts, which always spawned right behind him and I was never fast enough to get them first. At some point, I decided to push the mental reset button, frank a coffee, got back in and killed him. This was probably the shakiest, crappiest run ever, but it payed off.
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  • Grandma
    i don't know if it's a coincidence that my first leaderboard reward was a lightning charged staff. he thinks i'm a joke doesn't he.

    I still am going for a flame staff, but i did some research and read that it's not a huge dps difference until you get above 50k, and i parse at 45k rn.
  • Yvarhna
    On my pet sorc I got so many two handed mauls that it became a bit of a joke. No inferno or lightning staff, and only 1 bow. That was doing it 15 times on this char.

    My non pet sorc got a lightning staff on first go.

    I have now done VMA 22 times. Still no inferno staff and not seen another lightning either.

    I wonder how it will be on a stamina based class.... I will soon test this and see.
  • Katahdin
    Just completed it on my stamblade for the first time.

    Need a bow, of course I didnt get that BUT one of my mag characters now has a VMA inferno staff
    Beta tester November 2013
  • Mirrrr
    I have 5 clears. First 1 got a bow. I got 2 restos. I think a sword and board. The last time it was on my stamblade and I got the Inferno
  • sudaki_eso
    its random, had the same problem with the bow, got the inferno staff on my 4th run but needed 30+ runs for a single bow...for others i know it was exact the opposite, they got bows over and over again but no inferno staff...
    PS4 EU - StamDK
  • S1L3NTL4DY420
    My newest character; she’s managed to get 2 inferno staves in 3 runs. I don’t know what’s up with her RNG.

    When I started running it initially probably 2 years ago now, it took me 100+ runs to get just the one though... What would be nice is a couple more lightning, just in case!
  • Alienoutlaw
    got my inferno on the 2nd run (wanted the lightning) 40 runs 9 resto 12 bows ect ect later i got lucky with the lightning staff, the RNG sucks you just got to stick at it
  • Kraezy
    Rerum wrote: »

    Think I got all your Infernos..

    Understand RNG is RNG
    But 21 runs this week thus far

    20 Staves (6 Inferno, 6 Lightening, 5 Restoration, 3 Frost)
    1 2h Maul

  • wishlist14
    Just for chill, you do vMA ? Lol I'd find jumping off a cliff wearing shoes with sharp rocks inside and landing on my feet more chill than doing vma 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Muzzick
    Never got it. I got the lightning staff on my 3rd vma run then stopped because I find it too tedious. I'm happy with the staff just want the bow at this point when I decide to go it again
  • RebornV3x
    ive done 12 runs and gave up no destruction or resto staves in those the runs it sucks I really need a lighting stave to really max out my dps. and I think Malestrom is the worst most boring content in the game and why they put the best weapon

    they defiantly need arena tokens for VDSA, VMA and VBRP
    Xbox One - NA GT: RebornV3x
    I also play on PC from time to time but I just wanna be left alone on there so sorry.
  • mimisapje
    Im in the same boat,
    i have literally all types of vma weapons except for the lightning or inferno staff.
    And my scoreboards gifts always seems to give me resto staves. (Seems like Zos just wants me to stick to healing or become a stam dd)

    I really like doing vma, but the behemoth (7) puts me off because of the bugs.
    When he goes into his rage mode and start screaming, the mage puts up her shield, and suddenly a poison flower spawns right next to her. Or another 'fun' bug is, when he goes into rage mode, but he doesn't start screaming, and the mage doesn't put up her shield, YET i die from the scream attack;
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  • KronikFlatulenz
    I went into maelstrom my first time looking for a lightning staff, got it my very first try. My friend has gone in dozens of times looking for a lightning staff and still does not have one. I got my flame staff on my third try. Its just RNG. I have no idea if theres a secret formula. But the way I see it, is itll drop sooner or later so ill just keep trying til it does. In the meantime there are other weapons that do just fine.
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