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Update on Race Change Tokens

  • UrQuan
    This is cool, but I wish there was a way to donate mine to people who want to change more than 3 characters, because now I'll be getting 3 race change tokens on each of my accounts and I won't be using any of them...

    Not that I think it's practical to make it so that people can trade the tokens, it's just a shame that all of the ones I get are going to go to waste. Unless I use them to very slightly tweak some characters' appearances anyway (I'd only do minor changes like maybe a haircut here and there).
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    Svari Snake-Blood Nord DK (AD)
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  • Ackwalan
    While I won't be using the race change token, I will be using the name change token. I have 2 characters that I forgot to captilize, and while it bothers me, I'm too cheap to buy a name change.
  • Moonsorrow
    Edited out after saw the latest changes on PTS.

    I was hopeful, but ended up disappointed.
    Edited by Moonsorrow on February 5, 2019 9:24AM
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  • shaielzafine
    Wow, trying to meet customers halfway with the racial change passives. Step in the right direction
  • Garish
    Thank you ZOS for the increase in race change tokens and that we will get name change tokens. Much appreciated :)
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  • BaylorCorvette
    Great news!
    mdylan2013 wrote: »
    Welcome news, although you won’t please everyone!

    Yup and people will still complain. But it's 2019 so what else is new.
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  • Tasear
    Ulfgarde wrote: »
    buff argonian pls

    Next week it's coming.
  • KaiDynasty
    Is people really getting satisfied with just 3!?! Can you Zos explain why 3, and not 1 for every character? You do it for a marketing purpose? I don't give a *** about a sale caused by your changes, it should be free!
  • Akrasjel
    How much money is that, that potentially they will not earn doing this.
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  • Tasear
    Thanks for kindness.

    Going to use a name change token for my character gift of moonlight to something more poetic.
  • Rex-Umbra
    After reviewing everyone’s feedback and evaluating the total number of high-level characters from active ESO accounts, we’ve decided to increase the amount of free Race Change Tokens granted to all players to 3 Tokens, in addition to granting 3 Name Change Tokens, to assist with the upcoming Racial balance changes in Update 21. The Tokens will be automatically added to your account during the launch maintenance window for each respective platform.

    Additionally, we’re also planning a sale on both Race Change Tokens and the Race & Name Change Token bundle for a limited time after each platform’s launch.

    We look forward to seeing everyone in game for the upcoming Wrathstone launch!

    That is Legit awesome. Have 8 chars but only three I still use so that is perfect for me.
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  • jeanz1978
    Thank you for listening. Three is better than one for sure.
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  • DaveMoeDee
    Great news! Bye-bye Imperials!
  • TerraDewBerry
    Very nice! Thanks, ZOS <3
  • StormChaser3000
    Thanks a lot for that!

    @ZOS_GinaBruno Will we need to have "Any race any alliance" upgrade in order to change, let's say Nord into Khajiit with those tokens?
  • BlackCat
    Soul Shriven
    Thank you so much for listening to us!
  • redspecter23
    Thanks a lot for that!

    @ZOS_GinaBruno Will we need to have "Any race any alliance" upgrade in order to change, let's say Nord into Khajiit with those tokens?

    From what is being said, these tokens are no different from the ones currently in the game. You cannot bypass any locked restrictions with a token. You need to unlock the ability to use any race any alliance first
    What are the stipulations to "active" accounts? I have an account with 7 characters, but no PC (it has been destroyed). I would still love to take advantage of this when I get another PC built.

    Edit: figured it out, thanks! This is awesome, thanks for listening to the community.
    Edited by H4RDFOX on February 1, 2019 6:29PM
  • frostz417
    Thank you so much
  • ValorieW
    Thank goodness. I’m actually going to preorder the next chapter now, since it appears I will in fact keep playing. 😁
  • redspecter23
    zyk wrote: »
    Three isn't enough.

    If you're profiting from this -- and the token sale planned suggests you expect to -- you're doing it wrong.

    You should not be earning $0.01 because you've changed the traits of a character's race and the player is now unhappy about it. You should not be profiting for a problem you will be creating for players.

    There should be a period of unlimited changes in addition to 3 tokens that can be used for remorse later.


    I don't understand why they insist on trying to earn money from this change. Even if they do profit from it, which I'm sure they will, do they realize how this makes them look?
  • Deep_01
    @Deepan on PC-EU
  • SydneyGrey
    That's exactly what I was saying, that it should be three name-and-race changes instead of one.

    I'm ok with it not being one per character. Three is fine. Thanks for listening.
  • TimeWizard
    Thanks for upping the number guys! One question, is this per server or per account? Like will I get 3 tokens for NA and another 3 on EU, or is 3 total for both?
  • Deathlord92
    Thank you very nice of you 🙂
  • DeathStalker
    Best MMO ever. Thanks for listening.
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