Update on Race Change Tokens

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After reviewing everyone’s feedback and evaluating the total number of high-level characters from active ESO accounts, we’ve decided to increase the amount of free Race Change Tokens granted to all players to 3 Tokens, in addition to granting 3 Name Change Tokens, to assist with the upcoming Racial balance changes in Update 21. The Tokens will be automatically added to your account during the launch maintenance window for each respective platform.

Additionally, we’re also planning a sale on both Race Change Tokens and the Race & Name Change Token bundle for a limited time after each platform’s launch.

We look forward to seeing everyone in game for the upcoming Wrathstone launch!
Gina Bruno
ESO Community Manager
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  • vkala
    SaKGEE wrote: »
    vkala wrote: »
    I dare you to make it 10

    boy u dont even play anymore

    if they make it 10 I sure will
  • BronSolo22
    Soul Shriven
    Heck yes you guys rock!
  • kinguardian
    That is so cool. Thank you guys.
  • SaKGEE
    vkala wrote: »
    SaKGEE wrote: »
    vkala wrote: »
    I dare you to make it 10

    boy u dont even play anymore

    if they make it 10 I sure will

    next trial isnt a minitrial so I doubt
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  • CaffeinatedMayhem
    Thank you for listening! This is awesome.
  • ElvenAnbu
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks a lot guys!
  • Funrukdurkha
    Woot! Thank you, ZOS! <3
  • luen79rwb17_ESO
    Wow this is great! Name change and all! :smile:

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  • mateosalvaje
    Wow! I think that's overly generous. I feel like you guys do everything you can to make us happy. So.. What happened to Crown Crates for daily login rewards? 😇
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  • Diundriel
    thanks for listening to my Feedback :)
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  • sozo108
    Thank you!
  • JamieAubrey
    Not that I need them but Thanks
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  • Faulgor
    Hooray for name change tokens!
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    Vivec: Worse, buddy. They're buying it.
  • valusthecateater
    Awesome job, ZOS!

    In before the "it's not enough" crew...
  • siddique
    Great news!
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