*Future DLC Dungeons

Where are some locations you all would like to see get some dungeons?
All that have been released so far have been great. Nice seeing different parts of the land, I see some as teasers to other future DLC. Almost everyone enjoys grouping up with friends to take on new challenges. Lets discuss what we'd like.
I love getting the ball rolling on the future of this game. Please refrain from just saying "fix the game before adding more".

Personally I'd like to see some of the DLC zones get some dungeons. Huge potential there.

-Ghost Gate in Vvardenfell could make a exciting place for a dungeon, also was thinking it would make an awesome 'group' zone like craglorn, with multiple places to explore within.

-Wrothgar, plenty of tough foes out there lurking in the orc mountains, bring some hype back to that zone that I call "Chapter 0".

-Alik'r Desert, despite all the mindless drones endlessly running dolmens, I love this zone. Something about the dunes. Many cultures are buried in that sand. Maybe a teaser one to Dragontail Mountains? Imagine all the possibilities for dungeons. (Hew's Bane included here)

-Clockwork City, we got a small beginner trial out there, I would like to see what they could do with a Evergloam dungeon.

-Cyrodiil, we have the two in the Imperial City, but thats a huge land, with no other dungeons. Sancre Tor? There are plenty of spots in that zone that could make for great dungeons.

-Pyandonea, lots of people want this as a zone. But I dont think it should be a zone. But an Assault On Pyandonea dungeon dlc? Imagine two dungeons that was like a small team hired by the AD Queen to take out some key Maormer leadership? To pull that thorn from their side. (Also this could be a way to get that Maormer skin...)

Any Ideas? Thought? Comments? Love to hear them.
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