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Cyrodiil's End: You win Zos

Cyrodiil server performance is at an all time low. Ability lag makes the game unplayable. Now there's a combat bug that doesnt drop combat until you die. Can we get a real discussion on this from the developers? Is this an issue you ignore because its just an unfixable problem with the servers and combat?

Everyday that I PvP I am one step closer to never playing this game again. No game should have the server performance that this game does with the amount of money and development support that it gets. There was a time before One Tamriel that server performance was actually pretty darn good in Cyrodiil and pvp was immensely more popular back then. Clearly the servers used to be able to support Cyrodiil but you changed it. Its time to come clean with the issues and be honest with your customer base, lest we just get more posts about housing permissions being broken whilst your actual infrastructure for the game is crumbling.

Edit: 1/5/2019 I'll add Alcast's opinion into the mix as well if it helps get my point across for the developers.
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  • Tandor
    Bear with me as a PvE player as I don't know the difference between the PvP campaigns, but what is it about Vivec that makes everyone play the one campaign that they all know is unplayable?
  • jcm2606
    Also has to be said that this isn't truly lag. Don't get me wrong, lag is an issue, but what Jack was showing is not lag. That is crowd control in general being buggy, and having some weird delay associated with changing states. You can have good ping at 120ms, and get that exact same 5 second delay between dodging or breaking free, and actually being able to use skills. Lag exacerbates the delay a ton, but the delay is a result of buggy code, not lag.

    While addressing server lag, they really do need to go back through all the systems to do with character states, ie sprinting, being stunned, being snared, etc, and make sure they all work as intended. One of the big reasons why I've stopped playing is these very impactful mechanics are so damn buggy, to the point where the sheer bugginess of the game is what gets you killed, not your own mistakes.
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  • Cavedog
    The lag is very bad lately. It's impossible to solo towns with lag as bad as it is now.....with all the extra guards, you can't get them down fast enough with this much lag.

    It's really bad when you are solo and fighting only npc's and you lag out so bad your skills don't fire...even though the button light has blinked 15 times to indicate you are pushing the button.

    But then again, when it's not prime time, everything works pretty good. The lag is clearly a server load issue, and not our individual internet connection.
  • Tandor
    jcm2606 wrote: »
    Tandor wrote: »
    Bear with me as a PvE player as I don't know the difference between the PvP campaigns, but what is it about Vivec that makes everyone play the one campaign that they all know is unplayable?

    The fact that it's the only active CP-enabled campaign available, pretty sure. Shor is also an option, but is basically dead. Players get trapped in the loop of: in Vivec -> sick of lag -> want to move to Shor -> Shor is dead -> stay in Vivec -> repeat.

    Can't say for certain, as I used to mainly play no-CP.

    Thanks. If I was active in a PvP guild then, bearing in mind that all guilds have cross-alliance membership, I'd get a few friendly guilds together and agree on the PvP forum that over a certain weekend e.g. all guilds with names starting with the first half of the alphabet would play on one campaign while the rest would play on the other campaign. That way the level of activity would be split more or less evenly on the two campaigns. There's probably a simpler way of organising it if enough GMs know each other and want to arrange a "Shor Night" or whatever, but either way there has to be an opportunity for PvPers to get together on the forum and agree how best to spread the population, including lobbying ZOS if necessary for a second CP-enabled campaign.
  • Beardimus
    Tandor wrote: »
    Bear with me as a PvE player as I don't know the difference between the PvP campaigns, but what is it about Vivec that makes everyone play the one campaign that they all know is unplayable?

    Sadly people play there because people play there. It's a nightmare created by players.

    Shor has way better action if you after decent PvP so too does sotha away from zergs HOWEVER both these campaigns suffer from alliance switching AP boosting tactics emp trading etc.

    Alot of folks I run with enjoy shor / sotha when we focus there. But drift back to vivec if nothings organised as that's were the majority go.

    Through this year i leveled a NA toon and actually Kyne has been fun. I don't agree with folks rerolling in gold gear etc to Pwn everyone and run the campaign forever tho, as that kills the new player experience.

    Splitting vivec pop would be a good thing.

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  • alanmatillab16_ESO
    In short PVP in ESO is a pile of shtaco thanks to cheesy tactics by players (win trading) and constant whining for nerfs.

    Just get rid of Cyrodill as a PVP event since it has become a lore important area that adds absolutely nothing to ESO.
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  • The Uninvited
    The Uninvited
    Shardaxx wrote: »
    The game simply can't handle the number of players in a busy campaign. Once you get close to the action, people have disconnects or it lags so bad its unplayable. ZOS should reduce the max number of players in the campaigns, and add more campaigns to spread the player base out a bit.

    While this could be one of the reasons, I found that lately, playing with less addons has improved the stability for me. Sometimes I still have a (little) bit of lag, but disconnects are far and few between now.
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  • Jakx
    Yea I would just like to keep bumping this thread to keep its visibility and allow it to be a thorn in the side of them at the top of the general forum. The only way to get meaningful change is to continually show there's a wide discontent with the state of their game and that its completely unacceptable that ZOS keeps ignoring server performance.

    I think the devs do a great job at what theyre capable of doing with new zones, lore, etc. However, it has completely replaced them maintaining their game and making sure its systems function properly. Something as simple as "type your name into guild so that you dont get overloaded with network updates of peoples locations" had to be discovered by a random console player. That sort of massive outgoing update stream should have been easily picked up if they were ever looking for it in a quest to fix performance issues.

    Its just unreal the state they have left cyrodiil but I think overall my greatest discontentment is the blatant ignorance they've shown the performance side of their game without even attempts to improve it. I want this game to be successful and I have no idea how from a marketing stand point basic things like the game functioning properly arent priorities over new ways to sell people houses and gamble crates. Figure out a way to monetize PvP then and get some server fixes.
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  • AhPook_Is_Here
    On Thursday and Friday, at least in the US, Century Link was having a coronary and I'm sure that was having a big impact on a lot of US player's game-play. Even though you may not be a customer, they hold the center of the US so traffic gets routed through there and everyone is effected. While I'm sure ESO needs to make improvements, the last few days are likely more a reflection of a big ISP having a seizure.
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  • ProbablePaul
    I'm guessing that the whole megaserver architecture is the problem.

    I don't really know how it works, but my thought is that megaserver's shard distribution functions like a hash table, where memory is distributed to each shard, so that each is ready to pick up and bring clients together. Which works great when all of the shards are being used, but falls apart when a dense population finds itself on a single shard.

    If this is the case, there's not much of a fix, because each shard requires memory just to serve it's purpose, even when sitting idle. If any hardware upgrades would require distributing performance gains amongst all shards, then the small impact on performance of struggling shards might not be worth the cost.
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