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Unexpected crashing while in game

  • wardropper
    Soul Shriven
    Crashes every hour or so.
    Back to square one - like five years ago...
  • wardropper
    Soul Shriven
    This so-called "unexpected crashing" while in game is now fully expected.
  • Rowjoh
    Crashing is now every 2 hours again.

    Also spinning still hasn't been fixed.

    Stuttering and freezes in Cyrodiil are still commonplace.

    Also in Cyrodiil, the game regularly cuts to loading screen briefly, often at the worst possible moment in the middle of a fight.

  • DirkRavenclaw
    The most annoying crashes are, at least for me, when your Screen suddenly freezes, you may be riding, fighting, doing whatever and it freezes and you find yourselfe back at the Login Screen. No Reason, No Explanion, no nothing. If you where in a place you shouldnt stop, you can repeat a part of a Quest again. Its super annoying
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